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    "Pyroblast now has a 3 second cooldown." nice troll.

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    So hunters getting easier.

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    Here's what the hunter changes equate to:

    Aspect of the Fox removal - Small quality of life change, any hunter worth their salt easily swapped Fox and Hawk without a need for macros. This will net small dps gains for some players and nothing for others.

    Lynx Rush damage converted to bleed - Huge burst dps reduction. Previously this was damn near impossible to heal through especially when pair with a readiness and another lynx rush. Now with the damage spread over more time it will be easy to heal through and I'd be surprised if any PVP hunter sticks with this over Blink Strike.

    Beastial Wrath CC'able - Another Huge dps nerf to BM hunters for the sake of pvp. Big red pet on you? No biggie, CC that pet and /point /laugh at the hunter.

    MoP Hunters need a serious looking at on both the PVE and PVP sides of the fence. I'm not sure what the [email protected] Blizz class devs are smoking these days. While the new abilities go a long way to make the hunter feel like more of a pet class, the Cooldown management and sheer number of abilities are a [email protected] mess for every spec.
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    As a hunter that hates playing the BM spec, I welcome these changes warmly.
    MoP made the class only about beasts, MM and SV were neglected a lot in the shadow of BM. Now that BM is nerfed, we can finally see how the class with all of its 3 spec fares.

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    Good riddance..

    Hunter population about to shrink faster than Europe from the Black Death.

    Flavor of the month kiddies reroll warrior now and you might get a few more weeks in before you have to switch again. You're going to be falling behind on gear though.

    It's so funny.. I liked Burst of Speed but 60 energy was too much for an energy starved class. I think I have to take it at 50 energy though. Great modification. Bring on the haste Ghostcrawler!

    I've now been given hope that someone might let me into an RBG or arena team someday... Someday............

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    Hunter changes don't bug me at all. Helps balance pvp some and doesn't really affect me much for pve. I'm fine with this.

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    Interesting changes, Pyroblast and Combustion changes indicate Blizz was worried about Double Pyro into combustion. That was my favorite thing! (Yeah because it was OP) Especially during a Deep Freeze
    Hunter gets some nice changes, quality of life, and dissuading the faceroll BM style.
    Rogues getting these changes are so stupid, not because they aren't needed, but I read threads about how Rogues will have trouble in MoP everyday during the Beta and Blizz was all like 'we'll see... we'll see.."

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    Way to fucking ruin fire PvE because of PvP.. sigh..

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    Quote Originally Posted by McFrotton View Post
    OH and they get free trinket with BW...YEAH.
    You have no idea what you're talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvy View Post
    Can't see why the general QQ about the Pyroblast being on a 3 sec CD as it's not even a good thing to chain cast it. Either in PvP or PvE. Pyroblast and Pyroblast! Isn't even the same.
    Yes they are... there is no such thing as Pyroblast! since 5.0.5. Pve will suffer from pvp nerf thanks blizzard really. They posted some bluepost that it wont affect pve like "just cast 1 pyro between 2 pyros", I'm really surprised that they actually dont know how ignite and combustion works. Haste reducing pyro's cd was their another excuse yeah we have so much room for haste apart from crit. Haste will barely reduce cd by 0.5 sec (%17 haste).

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    Rogue and Priest buffs. My how some things never change. Sigh.

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    Rogue and Priest buffs. My how some things never change.

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    discreet magic...nerf yourself with this glyph LOL what trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by herrau View Post
    I wonder where the nerfs for warrior are. The nerf for hunter is also quite amusing... doing insane dmg, so the solution is this? Gimme a fucking break.
    Warriors deserve to be OP after being nerfed in almost the whole season of Cata. Maybe nerf the Dragons roar but thats about it. I think even though i play one Resto druids need a nerf there mana does not move. everything else is good imo. I do believe that rogues do not need the blind buff they just need a buff on survivability.

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    Masters call bro...

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