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    (US-Elune) [H] <Invalid Target> - Recruiting!

    [US-Elune] Horde – Invalid Target is seeking a few new members to fill our core raid progression group. Our guild has a mixture of experienced raiders who have completed content ranging from the dragons of the frozen wastes to the elemental gods that invaded after the cataclysm. We are brought together by our common goal to eliminate the threats that reside behind the Mists of Pandaria.

    We are a casual raid group that practices two main concepts: to provide a laid back raid environment for our raiders and to strive to be as efficient as possible. Progression is very important to us, but we will sacrifice that ideal in order to keep our concepts in practice.

    Raiding Days and Hours:
    Sun: 8:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M. (EST/Server Time)
    2nd Raid Day - TBD

    Spots Available:
    -2 Healers
    -1 DPS

    High Priority Classes / Specs:
    -Shaman : Elemental
    -Warlock : Affliction
    -Monk : Mistweaver
    -Priest : Holy / Shadow

    All other classes will be of subject under review upon applying.


    There are two things that we look for upon evaluation: Class proficiency and personality compatibility. In essence know you class and rotation, and don’t be a dick or drama queen. Also, you will need to be able to familiarize yourself with boss tactics on your own and be able to take criticism.

    Raid Requirements:

    80% Attendance
    465+ iLvL (exceptions can be made to a certain degree)

    Feel free to check us out at:

    itelune / enjin

    To Apply just click the Recruitment tab on top!

    In-Game Contacts:

    Recruitment Officer: Pawmei
    Guild Master: Deusnoct
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    Never gonna give you up

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