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    [A - Kil'Jaeden - US] <Bloodwolves> MOP- Hard modes 10&25 man core spots!

    <BLOODWOLVES> Kil’ Jaeden: MOP- Hard mode 10~25 Adult raiding & PVP guild.
    If you are mature, intelligent, good-looking and generally awesome in every single way; if you place the highest level of value on others as you do on yourself, then please read on…. Currently 10/16 & 2/16 HM.

    We run two core progression teams (25m & 10m) and a weekend run (10m). Core raids run from Tuesday to Thursday depending on the team and progression content. We may an occasional Monday if need be though this is highly irregular. Times as follows:
    6:00 - 9:00 PST (Kil Jaeden) is on west coast time.
    8:00 – 11:00 CST
    9:00 – 12:00 EST
    We also run a lot of old content, for we have many members you might refer to as achievement whores! We also do many alt weekend runs with casuals.

    25m Team: Shadow Priest– Mistweaver & Brewmaster Monk’s – Prot War – Mage – Warlock - Rogue
    10m Team: Blood/Frost DK – Prot/Melee Warrior – Warlock – Ret/Prot Paladin
    We are always recruiting highly skilled, dedicated players. If your class is not listed, we still encourage you to apply.

    In addition to our high end raiding groups we have implemented all guild Arena and RBG teams for MOP. We are also heavily involved in the expansive WPVP Kil’ Jaeden has to offer. Always looking for more that has prior 2k plus experience in prior seasons.
    We are in the process of recruiting a Pvp/Rbg Lead. If you have prior experience and have time to dedicate in this endeavor in a full time capacity please contacts our recruitment officer or GM.

    What we do here:
    We are an online community of players. We provide you with a highly structured environment where communication is paramount! You will be treated as an individual and not a slot, position, or a number; in return, we only ask that you behave as such.
    This is not a learning guild; however, if you have a problem helping one another than this is not the guild for you. We’re not snobs, elitists or nerds with over-inflated egos. We’re adults, we help if we can; in return, don’t waste our time with silly questions…
    We provide a place for healthy social interaction. You will find an assortment from the old school philosophy’s to the most casual of players; all are highly knowledgeable and extremely interactive.
    If you’re just a casual player but feel our approach to life sits right with yours, feel free to apply and tell us you want to join just for the social component, we’re open

    Requirements for Members and Applicants:
    - Good Attendance (There is no set % but you will find the bench)
    - Solid Internet connections & stable systems.
    - Ventrilo/Mumble and microphone. Skype for Tanks.
    - Willingness to adhere to all guild policies. Written with intention to make not only our guild but Kil’ Jaeden a more enjoyable place to be.
    - We have mandatory Add-on requirements and we’ll need you to fulfill these.

    What can Bloodwolves offer you?
    - Stable raiding environment with experienced raid leaders! Who care
    - Access to Repairs, flasks, potions and food for all raids
    - The chance to be part of, and help build one of Kil’Jaeden’s finest raiding guilds.
    - A warm, friendly environment with fair rules and regulations in place to maintain a non-dramatic atmosphere.
    - Above all else is the guarantee of a no BS policy and 100% communications at all times! You will never not know where you stand or what’s going on here! As recruitment officer I assure you of this.

    If this sounds like a guild you would be interested in joining, please visit and apply today!

    For more information contact recruitment officer: Lavanis real ID/Battle Tag @ [email protected] or Lavanis#1375
    GM real ID & E-mail- [email protected]
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    Mages-s priest -warlocks

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    Monk heals/Monl tank

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    6/6 both 25 and 10 man starting HM's need to fill those positions for the 25. 10 is full.

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    Mistweaver and Brewmaster= High priority.

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    Mistweaver and Brewmaster= High priority.

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    Still need Monks and S priest

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    Still need Monks and S priest

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    Still need Monks and S priest

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavanis View Post
    Still need Monks and S priest
    Shadow priests please (=

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    Bllod DK for our 10 man and S priests for the 25 man

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    High need -Blood DK tank for our ten man

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    High need -Blood DK tank for our ten man

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    Blood DK for both 10 and 25 man.

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    Blood DK for both 10 and 25 man.

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    In case you're wondering yes I'm that cookie guy.

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    Shaman needs filled.

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