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    Garalon normal 10man enrage problem - yet again

    Hello and please don't mind the repetitive manner of this post, but couldn't find clear answer with bit of forum searching.

    Our problem is the enrage timer - first time as casualish guild we got to Garalon and hit the enrage timer - few times with 20% and few with ~13%.

    Our raid comp was this:

    Druid (tank)
    DK (tank)
    Paladin (heal)
    Monk (heal)
    Paladin (DPS)
    Warlock (DPS)
    Mage (DPS)
    Priest (DPS)
    Druid (DPS - boomkin)
    Shaman (DPS - Ench)

    Reading dungeon journal our goal was simple: Dungeon journal says that legs spawn back "periodically" which indicated that no matter how many legs we kill, one spawns back in about 30secs. We decided we take 2 "back legs" down with DPS classes and as they are down, our dps changes to boss. Meanwhile tanks hit the two front legs taking those down in a slow pace.
    Our pheromones worked quite well, we had 2 tanks and 3 ranged DPS kiting pheromones on first "roll", all taking 15 stacks each and after the first runaround 1 tank and 3dps changing on about the same 15 stacks. We thought we maximize our starting dps with tanks taking the pheromones.
    Well - the real question is: If we take down 4 of his legs, do the legs spawn back quicker or do we just lack the ~10% dps required to down this one? Is it all the same that we take down 2 legs fast and leave the rest legs to the tanks to spank slowly or does it just kick back our 100% dps-increase from the legs as they spawn twice faster when all the legs are taken down fast?

    Thank you for your help :3

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    We actually just killed him in the alt/social run.

    We used 3 healers.
    3 healers + tank kiting
    Warrior tank specced dps.
    So 1 tank 3 heals 6 dps.

    We wiped on enrage at 13%, 12% and then killed it the next try.

    As we were carrying several people it was no that easy. I would say the average ilevel was around 475-477
    The lowest did not even have full 463.

    On the final pull our resto druid used the DPS cooldown in the pull and at 10%.

    All our dps also did not waste time supporting raid. ( no tranq from boomkin or mana hymn from shadow priest )
    Since we needed the dps, we just said that healers need to handle it.

    Our tactic was simple.
    BL in the pull, all dps on the legs until all legs are down. When all legs are down, we used rogue + tanks if it was a front leg.
    If it was a back leg we used rogue+mage.

    Boomkin and shadow priest multi dotted.

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    Have your DK go DPS and one tank/one plate soaking. On the pull bloodlust and nuke down 4 legs asap - after that have melee focus legs only cleaving boss and ranged on boss cleaving/dotting distant leg spawns.
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    Okay so based to your experience we should be getting it down just as easily as we have 2 healers that can keep the raid up well and two tanks doing quite a nice damage with the vengeange from groundslams the boss does. Thank you.

    Any points on our tactic on killing the first two "back legs" fast and actually letting the 2 "front legs" stand there quite long - just let the tanks handle em few times in a whole fight, or do the legs spawn faster if we'd just focus more dps on them and kill those faster?

    Most probably it is just our low number of wipes on this boss, but the enrage timer seems really short with our tactic.

    As replying to Keh's post:

    We actually tried me as a druid tank going to feral spec and changing to bear as the groundslams came. I took 200k dmg instead of the 80-100k dmg I took as a bear in guardian spec. It really just took one of our 2 healers to just heal us tanks up and it didn't go really well like that.
    Is that a valid option to just go with 1 tank and 1 DPS/plate soaking the groundslams as we hve 2 healers in the game?
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    Yeah, I heard alot of people doing different shit with 2 healers 8 dps and stuff.

    Heard people using 3 healers 7 dps with plate/rogue + resto druid/holy paladin soaking
    Anything is possible really.

    In my experience tanks pull quite horrible dps here since the damage from ground slam is very low, it is not enough to get high vengeance.

    We had 2 dpsers only pulling around 50k, however we had a rogue pulling 130k to compensate I guess. ( damn rogues being OP )

    On your tactic to kill the legs I can't really comment positively or negatively, just have no idea.
    We simply pop BL in pull and burn legs down 1 by 1.

    One of the most important things for us was to not turn the boss to much, especially in the pull before all 4 legs are down. The more your turn the less your dpsers can dps, so find a good way to kite that allows you to turn it as little as possible.

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    Here is a link to a great overall guide for Garalon. Hope it gives you some insight. http://pardeuxraids.com/garalon.html

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