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    [H] Progress 25m @ Shattered Hand is Recruiting!

    Progress Shattered Hand 25 Mists of Pandaria

    Progress - 25 man raiding guild on the Shattered Hand EU realm. We are a semi-casual progressive raiding guild, raiding only 12 hours per week but making the most of that time. Our slightly later raid times allow you to be settled down after a day at work/college or whatever it is you spend your days doing before a raid, rather than being rushed to get on. 8pm till midnight.

    We have recently transferred from Frostmane where we were the top 25 Horde guild on that realm.

    We achieved 8/8 DS HC in April and aim to achieve this strong level of progression to MV and the later raids.

    We require nearly 100% attendance.

    What we can offer you:

    - A social yet progressive raiding guild.
    - A group of easy to get along with, mature and friendly.
    - Experienced raiders and raid leader.
    - A friendly atmosphere, inside and out of raids.
    - Low rotation raiding

    What we expect from you:

    - A high level of communication.
    - A high level of attendance to prevent the need for rotation.
    - An experienced raider who can adapt and learn from mistakes
    - A player dedicated to achieving progression, both for yourself and the guild.
    - A very friendly and social player, no jerks allowed.

    Shadow Priest
    DPS DK
    Mistweaver Monk
    Holy Pala

    We're always looking for a exceptional players of any class.

    Our raid days are every Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:00-24:00

    Please apply on our forum (can be found by searching "progress-guild" into google)

    Currently 2/6 in MV HC & 3/6 HoF!
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    We are still looking for some more exceptional dps for our 25m team:

    Also looking for a:
    Hpala / Mistweaver Monk for the healing team!

    Also looking for exceptional players of any class!

    Please apply on our website

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    We are 6/6 in MV and still recruiting a:
    Mistweaver Monk

    Always looking for exception players of any class/spec!

    Please apply on our site

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    With Heart of Fear right aound the corner we are looking to add some more Exceptional DPSers to the roster!

    Also looking for a Mistweaver Monk too!

    Please apply on our website!

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    Recruitment Update:
    DPS Classes:


    Mistweaver Monk
    Holy Paladin
    Holy Priest

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    Stone Guard HC down!
    2/6 HoF down!

    Looking for some exceptional dpsers to join us still.

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    Need some Exceptional dpsers to help with our HC progression in the Mogushan Vaults!

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    Feng HC down, Looking for some exceptional players to join us in our progresion.

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    Recruting more exceptional dps for our HoF progress!

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    Looking for great dpsers of any class/spec to join our 25m raid team. Please apply on our webstie!

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    We are looking for exceptional dpsers of all classes and specs to join us in 25m HoFNormal and MV HC!

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    Still looking for some more exceptional dspers of and class/spec for 25m raiding!

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    WTB more dpserz for 25m raiding!

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