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    [H] <Jato> Recruiting 7/7HC, 1/7M

    Current progress: 7/7 HM HC, 2/7M
    (SoO progress was 14/14HC prior to the pre-patch)

    * Jato is a raiding guild, which has been around on Zenedar since 2008. Until patch 5.3 we were always a 25-man guild, we then went 10man for SoO and are now refining our raid team for mythic.

    * We currently raid 3 days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, starting invites at 19.45 and ending around midnight (Game Time). We also often run an alt / social raids on offdays for returning / more casual players / alts.

    * As a guild we put the emphasis on a positive, mature and peaceful guild atmosphere, which thus far we have always managed to maintain. We also have a strong social atmosphere, with real-life guild meetings twice a year, plus a drunken flexi-raid on a friday night

    * Considering the number of hours we raid, we are considered semi-hardcore.
    Nevertheless, we are only looking for players that can commit to our raiding days and are willing to prepare and give their best every raid.

    We offer:
    *A fun guild atmosphere
    *A stable 20-man raiding environment
    *Achievement hunting
    *Casual pvp

    Loot distribution:
    *We are currently using the EPGP lootsystem.

    Raid spots:
    *While sitting out will be required now and then, role leaders make sure it stays fair.
    Players with high attendance will be slightly favored during invites.

    What we expect:
    *Stable connection and graphic card that can deal with both 10-man and 25-man raiding content without your fps suffering too much (no laggers or disconnecters please!)
    *Sufficient knowledge of English to be able to read and understand.
    *Properly setup vent, to be able to hear what's being discussed or called out
    *Maturity - we do not have a minimum age requirement, but you need to be able to act mature
    *Previous raid experience on the character/spec you apply with
    *Properly gemmed and enchanted gear
    *Come to raids prepare with food and flask buffs, even though these usually will be provided through feasts and cauldrons
    *Maintain high attendance.
    *A good sense of humour!

    We only raid 3 days a week, so we are looking for players that can at least join 5 out of 6 raids on average.
    Of course holidays and emergencies are not frowned upon :-).

    Recruitment for main raid:
    *Tanks - recruitment closed, but would be interested in any dps players who enjoy tanking offspec when needed).
    *Melee - may consider exceptional melee (pref rogue/ww monk or dk).
    *Ranged - Recruitment open for all classes (tho rather not another mage!), preference given to players with a working healing offspec.
    *Healers - will consider an exceptional healer of any class.

    If you are interested in joining, please visit jato.wowlaunch.com.
    If you have questions about the process, please send a private message to Haastia.
    (Haastia#1881 if anyone would like to chat in-game. Just say in your request that it is about potentially joining).
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    2/7 mythic now, and still recruiting!

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