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    Windowed fullscreen

    Why don't all games have it? Is it a lot of extra work to implement in the game? As someone with 2 monitors I just find it really annoying having to alt tab out of a game in order to reply on skype/facebook or whatever.

    Anyways I'm just curious and would like for someone with a bit more knowledge to reply, is it a lot of work to implement windowed fullscreen and if not, why don't everyone do it?

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    It's really a basic and easy thing to implement, just a window without the frame around it. I've noticed that most newer games have this feature and I believe it's because the game developers has realized players nowadays are very dependent on other software while playing games. Wether it be just accessing the internet or what ever.

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    Yeah, this is a feature that I would LOVE to see every game on PC get. I really don't see why it's not standard : /

    Makes me super annoyed when I alt tab out of a game and it has to minimize/maximize again just because I want to respond on whatever chat program I'm using or browse the forums for a few.

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    My biggest gripe with latest bethesda games, if mods (Simple Borderless Window on nexus) can implement it, it's pure laziness on dev end.

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    I'd go as far as consider not playing a game solely based on lack of windowed fullscreen option, same as games that prevent you from pasting in the user name/password windows as I use KeePass and have no idea what my passwords are.
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