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    My add on (how can i made an add on?)

    Hi all . i like to know how can i made an add on by my self. In one google search i found an "AddOn Studio" (http // addonstudio_codeplex_com/)
    that help u with the task.
    But im not sure if is secure to use this. Anyone have a clue? or anyone can recomend anything else? TY for ur time

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    1. Don't use WYSIWYG. Use Notepad++ or a comparable plain text editor.
    2. TOC format information
    3. Lua 5.1 manual
    4. API doc, event doc, widget doc. There's also the FrameXML, but you probably won't have to look into it until you get into hooking.
    5. Feel free to ask for any advice regarding issues you're having on this forum - we'll be more than happy to assist.
    6. You can also find me on IRC if you have questions. The channel is #mmo-champion @quakenet - if you're not familiar with it, there's a simple webchat you can use.
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    Tnx for the Info . I start reading the pages you mentioned above and i will start with something simple. Like an auto gz Add

    Appreciate your offer to help and i will ask you sometime in the future. But first i have to read a lot.

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    It's also helpful to look at other peoples' code. Most authors will be happy to help you out with any questions you have regarding their code if they're not busy. You can find most of them in the #wowace/#curseforge/#wowuidev channels on freenode.
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    Hi again After some reading i try to see how things work. So i made an Addon that send some Chat messages. But something is wrong .
    This is the code :
    --Author : Nesos
    -- Create Date : 12/2/2012
    --Create frame with name "Nesos_Frame"
    local Nesos_Frame=CreateFrame("frame","Nesos_Frame")
    local l
    local On=true
    --------------------------------Register Events---------------------------------------------------------------


    ---------------------------------Set script-------------------------------------------------------------------
    Nesos_Frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self,event,...)

    if (On==True) then --See if the add is on/of

    if event== "PLAYER_EQUIPMENT_CHANGED" then
    SendChatMessage("Oh...I think that makes me Prettier ","SAY")

    elseif event== "PLAYER_LEVEL_UP" then
    SendChatMessage("I feel stronger Baaby ","SAY")
    SendChatMessage("Only "..Onlyleft.." lvl left ^^" , "SAY")

    elseif event== "PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLE" then
    if (UnitAffectingCombat("Player")==true) then
    SendChatMessage("Time to RnR...", "SAY")
    if (UnitHealth("Player")<(UnitHealthMax("Player") * 0.5)) and l==0 then
    SendChatMessage("You are a worthy Foe " , "SAY")

    --slash for On/Off the add
    if (msg=="on") then
    Print("Nesos Add is ON")
    elseif(msg=="off") then
    Print("Nesos Add is OFF")
    Print("What? Plz try on or off")

    i like to use a slash command to turn on or off the Add. But when i add the code everything stop to work . Oh...the code activate only when i change gear...I get nothing on the the other 2 Events....
    Can anyone tell me what is the problem?

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    Add the if statement into the OnEvent. Also, turn on Lua errors to see why the other ones don't work.
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