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    How many Blood Elves do you own?

    Seeing as Blood Elves are the most popular Horde race, I'm curious how many the average person has? (Level 60+ at least)

    How many do you own, and what's there level, class?

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    I dont have any elves of any kind ..

    But i own everyone i see by making sure they die a horrible and humiliating death .

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    I have a grand total of 1, a 85 female priest. Kinda fitting look wise, but I took belf more because of arcane torrent to be honest.
    Also used to have a male belf paladin in TBC, but now I have a tauren instead.

    Was either a belf or another forsaken, and I have a lot of forsaken chars so :P

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    Two. My Disc priest is a blood elf due to the racial. And my paladin is a blood elf since I didn't want my paladin to be a tauren. I also think I created my pally before taurens even could be paladins.

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    I own 2

    1 pally and 1 warrior i even named the pally after myself

    I know i feel bad about that cause i roleplay as no nonsense fuck you up orc which is my main

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    Female B-Elf Paladin and Priest.

    My hunter, warlock, warrior and rogue are male orc

    My druid is female tauren.
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    Stood in the Fire Jalfrezi's Avatar
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    No option for zero?

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    Herald of the Titans nemro82's Avatar
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    Zero, even when I was playing Horde for few years. Always hated them, fake Horde.

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    Yeah, I was surprised when I saw statistics. Can't believe we have this many Blood Elfs. I own 0.

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    I don't have any Blood Elf characters. I really can't see why they are so popular.

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    The /Bounce Emote Wishblade's Avatar
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    I have 5, 4 female, 1 male.

    Mage, cuz of a character I've made up for a story, so it fits nicely in WoW.
    Paladin since I'm not a major fan of Tauren or the way male Belves stand.
    Warlock, my former main which I just can't get myself to race change so I keep him the way he is.
    Death Knight... Not sure why... Guess it's what struck me as the best looking of the 10 options back then.
    Priest, guess another aesthetic reasoning and I find female blood elves look good as cloth casters.

    I do feel I should race change some, but I just can't do it, this is how these characters look, the end. =P

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    None, why isn't that on the poll?

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    No option for none? I have none.

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    When I still played WoW, I tried to own one blood elf every day.

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    got a bloodelf paladin, just because it was the only way to play a paladin as a horde back in bc. id instantly switch to forsaken paladins if they'd give us the option <3

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    New Kid Zaelsino's Avatar
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    Three: paladin, hunter, mage. Or Blood Knight, Farstrider, Magister, as I prefer.

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    While I like Sin'dorei, sadly I do not own one of them.

    I do play one but as you can see in the sig, I'm more of an alliance person. Living in huts & tents sucks.

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    Elemental Lord ringpriest's Avatar
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    Priest, Rogue, Mage, Paladin, Warlock

    All at 85.

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    At the moment I don't know as I'm only "established" on a server in which I play Alliance, but I'd have more than 5 if I spread out into other servers more dramatically.
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    I own three.
    A male rogue, his uptight twin who is a paladin and a female priest.
    The rogue is my main.
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