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    Thinking of things to do - Guild specific

    So I'm 2 days into Guild Wars 2, and actually having fun whether it be because it's still shiny and new or if it's actually keeping my attention. But because of a recent anime, I've become infatuated with the idea of guilds, bonding, and all of that noise. So I come asking this question:

    What sort of events does this game offer for guilds, no matter their size or power? Do they have anything interesting planned around guilds? I was hoping for some sort of GvG competition. I like the world events that happen, and aside from being level 14, WvWvW is pretty tantalizing, but I can't help but feel it's missing something more.

    On another note, what does being in a guild offer you besides the given comradery of others?

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    We do a lot of fun stuff as a guild, not only WvW. We have weekly dungeon runs, we have an explorer night where we just go through a low level zone, we have a jumping puzzle night, a pvp night, etc... It's those little events that make me want to log in and have fun! The only thing I don't like is that you can't do kegbrawl in a guild group -_-

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