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    Lord Blastington's Scope of Doom bugged?

    I've been under the impression that it's supposed to be 1 PPM, yet it's definitely proccing a ton more frequent, sometimes I'm able to keep it up for 30-40 seconds in a row on a target dummy.

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    I'm pretty sure there is no ICD so it can be very inconsistent.

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    1 PPM is auto-attacking only. Once you mix other attacks in, that number shifts.
    Games are not necessarily "easier" today. You are just a better player.
    It takes more now to impress many gamers than it did 2-5 years ago, because so much has already been seen and done.
    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    Thanks! I just remembered a blue post from Ghostcrawler long ago stating that 1 PPM is the intention.

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    scales with haste too.

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