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    Challenge Mode Healing

    So, how have you guys been doing healing challenge modes? I've only been able to heal Gate and TJS, as we've been more focused on other things with the guild so far.

    I find that I don't have time to DPS (for eminence heals), since I have to save someone from an attack even after CCs & stuns have been used. Because of this, even though mana is an issue, I find that going with intellect food and flasks is a better choice, so heals hit harder and so when I do have a second to throw some jabs, I hit harder as well. I noticed that ZS was helpful, not for the burst, but just treated as another HoT on the tank (even if it is weak ).

    The comp I ran Gate with was: Prot Warrior, ret pally, frost mage, ele shaman, and myself (MW monk :P). For TJS, we had a blood DK and instead of the shaman, we had a demo lock.

    What have you guys noticed when healing challenges? How do you buff? What is the comp you use? What talent setups do you find the best?

    Edit: I guess I should clarify "how do you buff." What "extras" do you bring to help things move along? That's more the lines of what I meant.

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    I am surprised. 442 views and not ONE person had anything to say about their experience, good or bad, as a Mistweaver in a challenge mode? I'm shocked.
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    hey jeker

    I havent done much challenge modes on any of my chars but i started with Temple of Jade Serpent yesterday on my mistweaver i was quite suprised about the damage incoming to ur party it was alot harder then i expected but we managed to get bronze in one try and culd've easily done silver if the tank didint pull last pack with my mana on 5% with no mana tea stacks :P
    I would say its hard to dps aswell just cause the dmg inc is to big i managed to get a few jabs in here and there and a couple of spinning crane kicks but it was just to risky with adds not having fulll tank threat on them and pooning me in the face when i got aggro.

    i was using the comp prot warrior fury warrior destro warlock and a shadow priest which wasnt viable at all we just didint have enough aoe dps to get near gold. i would suggest a setup that will shine aoe dps wise and players that preform well and dont get carried by gear. As tank u wuld take a DK/Warrior imo they just to strong i wuldnt even go there if any other tank wuld ask me to heal it.

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    also tried some challenge modes but it is really hard to keep people alive without proper cd usage of the tank and dps if possible . we ran with prot warrior ret palla feral druid mage and me but too much melee made the group fail.

    looking at a pure best setup you can look at the guild depraved on wowprogress.com they have like nr spot on every but 2 challenge modes.
    thing they run a dk tank resto druid that goes balance when they don't need a healer. a feral druid, mage mostly frost for cc and sometimes fire for more burst and a ele shaman easiest aoe class ever and can provide nice offhealing when needed with healing rain and the healing tide totem is needed.

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