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    MMO Champ prude?

    The other week i posted a poll about the neverending question: tits or ass.
    It got me a 3 day ban, because i added "too revealing pictures" and the subject wasn't "appropriate" according to MMO-champ.

    Now onto "appropriate topics", if a slowchat about imaginary ponies is considered "appropriate", why not the simple discussion about tits and ass? If anything a tits and ass discussion is WAY more appropriate than a magical pony discussion forum, considering 85% of the userbase is teenage males.

    "The pictures were too revealing"... There are more revealing pictures in the "post an image of yourself" topic, so that didn't have anything to do with it. And since when are women wearing lingery considered revealing? If anything lingery is considered to conseal your goodies.

    So, my question to you:

    Is MMO champ a little prude and should they loosen up and give teenage boys what they deserve?
    Or do you agree with the statement that "women in lingery are revealing" and "a tits and ass discussion is not appropriat for this forum"?

    (this was the most revealing one, for reference)

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    This is a discussion forum, not a place for random poll where you can fistbump your bros and go "10/10 WOULD BANG". We definitely leave some freedom on the forums, but no, the main goal of MMO-Champion isn't to "give teenage boys what they deserve", which is a fucking creepy way to word it by the way.

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