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    Bossfilter addon

    can someone please explain this addon to me? i've been looking for an addon that could make the raid boss voices louder during kills so while i record them i dont have to go back and manually put in every single mpq file into the vid which is a total pain.

    there is hardly anything in the UI that makes it clear if its turned on or off or what? it just has a play sound thing to check off but that seems to mute all game sounds including boss voices. or maybe this just isnt updated for mop yet? on curse it does say 5.0.4.

    am i just not getting this addon right or something haha

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    basically you turn off your sound (CTRL + S) - the addon (BossFilter) will still play the configured (by the author) boss emotes.
    The addon has its drawbacks such as not hearing BossMod sounds (BigWigs etc) during playback of Boss Emotes.

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