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    17/20 atm Only 3 left yay!

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    finished it few days ago, feel good
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinamjau View Post
    17/20 atm Only 3 left yay!
    Yay? It is now the hell begins for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdozia View Post
    Yay? It is now the hell begins for you!
    Hahaha! Yeah, thought so, but now its easier to place different chars on different spawnpoints, so i dont need to fly all over the place :>

    Too bad WoW is down atm, was eager to be done with it.

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    TomTom is top for this, I've been stuck on 16/20 for a little while now, though not constantly looking and only doing random passes in the early mornings and late nights, rarely around for the reset launches and when I am there tends to be someone already there waiting or gathering it up on the ones left I need.. Patience is key in this case I suppose.

    Grats to everyone who completed it and good luck to those still going.

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    That thread is there for a reason. Use it.
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    was thinking about doing it and this surely will make it easier

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    Finished it last night. Lovely thing to do when you wait for a raidinvite etc.
    Would love to see more things like this!

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    Finished it up a few days ago + some extra on top of that. Only 1 left to get; the one from jade statue in jade forest. Kinda odd that there are 3 agility polearms (and 1 agi staff) from these treasures. Also no bow/gun for my hunter there are 2 trinkets that would benefit a hunter, unfortunately they are BoP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by autopsy View Post
    Only 1 left to get; the one from jade statue in jade forest.
    You added the ID of the statue to your npc scan?

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    What sucks the most about this achievement is that you can't use yangol fire carrier for transmogging.

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    I went from 1-20 in about 1 hour. On Saturday when there were the login problems, I got onto my server an hour or two before they resolved it. It was me and one other in Orgrimmar (probably not many others in other areas either) so I thought I'd chance my luck and try it. Pretty much all of them were up.

    Very very lucky. I was going to go search for other things (sand statues in Uldum etc.), but when I finished the 20 rares, it was about when people started logging back in.

    Also got the pet off one of the rares in Dread Wastes, haven't got the other yet, but I am the last guy in the world (of Warcraft) who should complain.

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    They must have seriously changed the difficulty for this achievement, or I had an insane streak of luck, because I flew around pandaria at a slow-ish interval over Christmas vacation from work while doing laundry/cleaning my house and was able to find 20 of these items over the course of 2 days, spending maybe about 3-4 hours total actually in front of the computer.

    I made a loop around the continent with the addons suggested, and found a relic almost every time, no more than every 2 loops.

    Also managed to finish up Glorious! using the same method, but several of those mobs required a lot of camping (3-4 hours per mob) while doing other things and listening for NPC scan to pop up.

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