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    [A] <Lunacy> 10-Man Frostwhisper-EU Recruiting You!

    Welcome to the Lunacy Gaming recruitment thread


    If you're reading this, it means that you're thinking of applying to the guild. So it's our job to give you some great reasons why you should. Here are some of the aspects of Lunacy that we are very proud of:

    Amazing social atmosphere. We're a small guild, but size isn't everything! Our members have, over the years, crafted a wonderful family-like community of social players and raiders. The core team has been together for many years and have expanded our guild into a place where everyone feels welcome. Even if you're not really a raider, we'd love to have more people come and enjoy the experience with us.

    Solid raid team. Our team has taken on many forms in our time, starting with quite a large 25 man raid. These days, we have adapted into a 10 man. We feel that they are more enjoyable and far more successful, with quite a lot less people to manage in the process. If this interests you, there is a list on the left with all the classes we're looking for in particular. If you're not on there, but feel that you have something to offer, we definitely encourage you to apply anyway. Reading new applications is always fun.

    Extra-curricular activities. We've always got something on the go for both socials and raiders. Whether it be dungeon farming, achievement hunting or simply just gathering on Vent for a laugh.

    What we expect from our members:

    A certain level of dedication, skill, awareness and social ambition.
    Appropriate gear for the current content.
    The ability to learn quickly
    Class knowledge that goes through the roof.
    Research. Research. Research!
    Consumables ready prior to the start of the raid.
    Gear is properly enchanted with the maximum available enchants and gems.
    You can maintain a very high, if not perfect, attendance for raid nights.

    Raiding Info:

    At the time of this post, our schedule isn't set completely in stone. We are definitely raiding 3 days per week with a fixed time of 19:30 - 23:00

    Here are the days we are currently using, however one of these MAY change if it suits our members more.


    What we're looking for:

    Druid - Feral Guardian, Resto
    Monk - Brewmaster, Mistweaver
    Paladin - Holy
    Priest - Disc, Holy
    Deathknight - Blood
    Shaman - Elemental, Resto

    We're particularly looking for 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 ranged DPS from the above classes. This doesn't mean we aren't open to all classes and specs, providing the applicants are of good quality and the application is exceptional. We can never have enough exceptional players!

    If you have any more questions, the officer team is available in-game on Frostwhisper under the names Jaeyce, Mullzzs, Oruniak and Tyra, or more reliably via our website.


    Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we look forward to reading your application

    Lunacy Staff

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    Looks good
    Bump for fun as Lunacy is the BEST GUILD IN THE WORLD!!!! (In my opinion) I miss you guys x

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    Recruitment is still open for anyone interested in joining,we are still looking to acquire the following classes

    Druid - Feral Guardian, Resto
    Monk - Brewmaster, Mistweaver
    Paladin - Holy
    Priest - Disc, Holy
    Deathknight - Blood
    Shaman - Elemental, Resto

    Please apply on our website and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!!

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