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    Just queue'd for AV.. 39/40 players were bots - no joke (SS included)

    So.. when is that ban wave happening? LMFAO


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    Apperently you have been chosen as the one and only Bot-God. Use your powers well
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    bot or multi boxer with AV enabler?

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    Multiboxer, not bot. And Blizz says multiboxing isn't against ToS.

    Edit: his guild

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    awesome! Gief invite!

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    That's not a bot, it's a well known multi boxer, was a thread about him a while back.

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    Hmm if there are 39 bots then why did 2 people talk and why are there only 20 names in the mouseover pic?

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    Multiboxer indeed.
    Though I've been in EotS that had 12/15 bots on Alliance side.
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    That isn't a botter, that's a multiboxer that is just afking. Bots will actually do something in the BG, even the crappiest bot will at least run to galv. But regardless there's nothing you can do about that but just laugh it off.

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    Assuming you are going by the names as a indicator, I only see 21 and you may want to brush up on your counting skills.

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    My issue is that I thought paladins are pink and not grey...

    Anyways, it could be a multi boxer which doesn't necessarily mean they are botting (ie: as long as one button push equals one action per character).

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    For people who missed the other thread, here's the guild Bring Alliance Death.

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    Multi-boxing IS botting. Only one character is actually being controlled, the rest are automated. Should be banned as a botter would in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blindfaith View Post
    Multi-boxing IS botting. Only one character is actually being controlled, the rest are automated. Should be banned as a botter would in my opinion.
    It isn't considered botting in Blizzard's eyes and the other characters shouldn't be automated (ie: The multi-boxer is pressing one button and the characters make one action). If the multi-boxer pressed one key and then the characters cast 3 or 4 spells each, then yes, that would be botting imo.

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    This is what makes me wonder if the whole, 'omg tons of bots' epidemic is grossly exaggerated. What the OP actually has is a multiboxer AFKing (or maybe not even AFK, we only have a single picture to go by), but he's incorrectly labelled them bots. What if all these people supposedly botting are actually...

    -Simply bad players?
    -The OP lying, or mis-interpreting, or making a simple mistake?

    So yeah... Those who claim they see tons of bots: what's your proof?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ineras View Post
    My issue is that I thought paladins are pink and not grey...
    They go grey if they die. The multiboxer is just being practical; he knows those paladins will spend more time dead than alive...

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    Lol cool multiboxers. Only reason they are acceptable in mmos is that it makes money. Atleast frost dk multiboxers are better than bots.

    39/40 are bots? I see two people talking:0

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    That is insane !!!! I would of loved to be a part of that match lol. Just watching alliance get RAPED lol.

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    Would you be able to upload that .mov you started to record ??? Anywhere. I want to see !!

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    There is nothing against Multi-Boxing and it's legal. What people do is:

    - They use one program to send what you type/press on your keyboard to all WoW windows at once.

    Unless he's using one program to play for him, there is nothing illegal.

    Apparently you won the BG and you're complaining against that multi-boxer?
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