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    Teemo's shrooms ofc

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    How has Karthus Pentakill gone without mention so far

    I'm also rather a large fan of Olaf's Reckless Swing. Dat true damage.

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    Evelynn's ultimate.

    That damage, slow and shield. How can you not love that? :P
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    Katarina's Shunpo. It's incredible utility, damage reduction, damage (if you have enough AP)... I love it. Actually, all of her abilities.
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    Miss Fortune's Bullet Time, love seeing bullets like that fly across the area. Plus the laugh, reminds me how envious I am of her, I wish I had her laugh when I do something crazy.

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    Played Darius on friends acc for the first time ever. Came late to a fight we were winning really really hard (when I came they were all sub 15% hp but none dead). Flashed in and held down R First penta

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    Lux's R and Ezreals R. Getting blind snipes is just too damn satisfying.

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    Rumbles Ult. The amount of times I've used it to snipe a kill when they thought they were safe. Even more satisfying when people keep standing in it.

    Ziggs Ult, in the same way. Oh you think you got away TOO BAD

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    Cassio's ulti and all of Jayce's ability

    Oh yeah and Lux' ulti too, insta kill or baron steal.

    Will be missed ~

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    Alpha Strike. So much damage as AP Yi. On 4 targets. And if one of them is an enemy champion and dies, I can do it again(if my ult is up, which it always is during teamfights)

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    Blitz Q (Hook) I love making a fool out of the enemy hooking them through bushes/walls ect securing kills.

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    Lulu's polymorph. i love turning people into cupcakes. Ohh hey fiddle were u channeling ur ult? how about u become a squirrel instead. Wait im low and darius wants to dunk me? Go away silly kitty :P

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    Out of the limited amount of characters I have played so far, I would have to say MFs ultimate.

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    My new favorite ability is starting to become Maokai's Sapling Toss. I love those eager little saplings. They all got something to prove. I have especially started liking it a lot cause I got the Totemic skin for him, and they are tiny totem birds. Freaking cute as hell.
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    AP Nidalee Spear. The most fun i've had in the game ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohr View Post
    AP Nidalee Spear. The most fun i've had in the game ever.
    And my nightmare since yesterday. Ugh, I learned how to dodge it, but still, if done right it is extremely difficult to avoid. The one game I played mid Nid vs mid Nid (don't ask) it was a javelin toss fight.

    OT: Nami's ultimate. Done correctly it can slow down enemies long enough to get kills or to get away, kill champs at low life from a ridiculous range, and the threat of it coming keeps enemies on their toes. The control of it. It takes some getting used to, but a well placed wave can literally mean the destruction of an entire team. I haven't tried it on Domination or 3v3 maps, but I am thinking its effect would be exactly the same or worse.
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    Not for any practical reason but I like what it represents: Nasus' Siphoning Strike
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    Decieve is surely getting on top of my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drathos View Post
    Viktor's Death Ray. When you get used to the(imo) kinda clunky aiming, it's lots of fun to use.
    I was reading the replies in the hope for this one! <3

    Viktor is my main mage aside from Malzaharharhar.
    Oh and AP Ez, but didn't he get nerfed?

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