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    1-600 Profession "kits"

    Hey guys I was thinking of putting together "kits" to level a profession from 1-600 based off www.wow-professions.com lists and then selling them, but I'm not even sure where to start when it comes to pricing. I would describe my realms economy as average. Any input is very welcome.

    Edit: I realize that this would vary from prof to prof, but for the sake of argument lets say Blacksmithing.
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    Search the forums as there are a number of threads on this exact point.
    Price the mats and double it, but work out whether they are really worth the extra time spent. All servers are different.
    People were readying these pre mop, so unsure if there will be enough mats slushing around now.

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    "Average" economy means absolutely nothing. Every server will be different. Each level of mats will be different.

    Look at your prices available (or if you want to farm them), and see if its worthwhile.

    These kits already came and went, though. You're about two months behind on that.

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    start very very expensive like 300k and if someone will buy its ok

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    I think 300k is a pipe dream lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maruka View Post
    I think 300k is a pipe dream lol.
    yeah 300k is ridiculous to even ask for there are several people on KJ who sell these kits and I think it's like 75k range for most seeing he buys all the shit wholesale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    yeah 300k is ridiculous to even ask for there are several people on KJ who sell these kits and I think it's like 75k range for most seeing he buys all the shit wholesale.
    Sell the kits + The mats for the new mats if its JC or Engineering.

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    work out what it would cost using mats from your AH on a spreadsheet. Then add in about 5-10k for providing kit. That is what you should price em for. somewhere between 15-20k I would think on average

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    To be honost, I would not bother doing this at all. It basicly takes up a lot of time and space, and it doesnt sell at all. On my server I see someone trying this once in a while, and after a few days of trade spam, most of the mats end up in the AH.

    The reason why it wont sell, is 1: people already have lots of mats laying around. 2: starting mats are already very cheap in the AH. 3: 90% of the people level in combination with a gathering prof. 4: everything is in the AH, but cheaper. 5: Bankspace can be an issue for the buyer.

    So, basicly, you will make faster and more profit by just selling the rarer expensive mats, like Fel Iron/Adamantite/Cobalt/Saronite Ore/Bars.

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    Pricing will depend on your server and there's no way we can give accurate responses, sometimes lower level mats will be very expencive and it depends if you're going to spend 2 minutes throwing the kits together or go out and farm some stuff yourself or source out cheaper mats. (eg. Mithril and Fel Iron go for 5g a piece of my server but you can farm it fairly quickly to save gold).

    I'd probably set prices depending on what the profession is, engineering can be considered a bit tougher for some people than other professions because of some of the materials needed, whereas something like Inscription can usually be gotten in a couple of minutes from the AH.

    Probably start at a 200% markup and work your way down from there. It also depends on the final price of the mats. EG, you're more likely to sell 5k worth of mats as a 20k kit (400% markup) than you are to sell 20k worth of mats at 80k (400% markup). The best way to go would maybe be the make a post on your realm forums and take requests. possibly ask for a small deposit and then put the kit together.

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    300k? O_O
    lol.. hahha.. and.. omg trololololololololll...... o-O
    What a ridiculous price just hahahahahaaaa..aaa ahaha XD

    to be fair - I doubt you'd sell those.. If your economy is average - then why would anyone even bother to buy those if buying it all straight from AH takes like 2-3.. maybe up to 5k gold..
    I just powerleveled alchemy + engineering and it took me about 3k gold overall O_O

    such "kits" could sell only right before expansion start and only to people who'd go for realm fist professions.. Don't bother you won't make much money out of that.
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    As an indication, there were people selling 1-525 kits for 10-15k in the week or two before MoP (Varied with profession) - that was when low mats were at their highest price. Combining the price drop of low stuff, the current low price of MoP stuff & the relative cheapness of leveling 525-600 for most professions - 8 to 10k would be the highest I'd even consider in my realm's economy for a 1-600, and then that would be for one of the more material intensive ones. Anything more than 30% above the cost and I'd just buy it off the AH myself as there is usually a decent supply of low end mats. If you server has a drought of low end stuff then maybe you could get more - I think anyone saying 200-400% markup is aiming a little high, but I guess there might be some people out there who have/will pay that for the convenience.
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    I just leveled alchemy from 1-600 in about 4 hours and if I hadn't farmed a little for mats I would have only spent about 4k. 300k is a RIDICULOUS price.

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    I have done this before on a high pop server and I can tell you it's not worth it. I ended up selling the couple I put together for around 10K. I gathered the mats while leveling an alt but time wise, not really worth it. There are better time:money ratios out there.
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    1-max on most twinks did cost me max 5k so in short nothing :P by buying out all the stuff of the ah. if you find someone who pays 70k n1 happy for you that you found a idiot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loonija View Post
    start very very expensive like 300k and if someone will buy its ok
    Too cheap 500k surely.

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    These aren't very good money makers at all and you'll end up spending a lot more time invested than what you actually get back.

    Enchanting kits are decent as you can juts buy greens off the AH and DE them into the mats you need.

    A guy used to sell them on my server and he'd charge the actual mats cost + 5-10K.

    So i.e. alchemy leveling Kit = 10K. Enchanting Leveling kit = 20K, BS: Leveling Kit = 15K.

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    How many people could actually afford the full cost up-front? When I levelled inscription I made money selling the glyphs as I levelled, when I levelled other things I disenchanted the items to sell the dusts or whatever. If I had the money up front to buy the whole thing I'd just buy the items of the AH and not have my bank and bags busting. I wouldn't pay tens of thousands for a bit of convenience.

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    Generally a lot of the people who have a few hundred K have a lot of alts they'd be more than will to blow 5K to save them 2 horus worth of farming/finding mats.

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