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    PVP Power - Quick Question

    Currently I am at 26.33 % of PVP Power.
    My holy shock heals for 32098 (as shown in my tooltip in non-PVP areas like Shrine) and I assumed that because of my PVP power stat, it should heal for 40549 (32098 * 0.2633 + 32098) in BGs.
    But my tooltip is still showing as 32098 in BGs too.
    Am i missing something here ?.
    Can anyone explain why my tooltip is not showing the buffed up stat in BGs ?

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    I always assumed that pvp power works everywhere, but not when engaging mobs. Not sure how the healing would work though.

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    Tooltips don't update in BGs 'cuz of PvP power. And your holy shock should heal for like 36000, not 40k... Healers get only half bonus from PvP power, even if your tooltip states 26%, it's actually 13%. In 5.1 patch the PvP Power tooltip will get fixed.

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