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    Argent Tournement and Faction change

    I know in the past when you did a faction change your argent tournement reputation and achievements reset. Is this still the case? and if so why? Wrath is 2 expansions old at this point. Why cant we lift that restriction?

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    I faction changed during cata and lost my achievements/reps/titles, but got them all back when 5.0 hit. So I assume it's safe to faction change without worrying about it.

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    But if you're going panda/goblin/worgen you wont be able to do any dailys with any of those factions there if you arent completed yet.

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    You will still lose your progress and reputation and most of the achievements.

    There is a warning when changing faction.
    "All PvP and Argent Tournament achievement progress will be reset. "
    Source: https://us.battle.net/support/en/art...-change-faq#q9

    Unfortunately. I do agree with them as i have did it on Ally and then Horde on the same char, but do look at the light side of it.
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    You will lose all your rep/achievements if switching from Horde-->Ally or Ally-->horde.

    However, if you have your rep/achievements then faction change and re-grind those rep/achievements you will retain the original set if you decided to faction change again.

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