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    Pet Battles
    • The pet ability Chew now deals 50% less damage.
    OMG, Now my black lamb is completely useless. What a huge nerf!

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    That fan art is awesome, love it!

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Wyrmhorn Turtles are no longer quite so prolific.
    Yeah I get it. You want us to grind our brains out. I thought MoP was ASIAN THEMED and not a conversion to an asia-grinder...

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    I just don't believe them on the bot standpoint. I've reported them same bot over and over again for days now in Jade Forest. Several others have reported the bot as well and yet as I type the bot is still there.

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    Will of the Emperor
    Fixed an issue that could cause Qin-xi and Jan-xi to sometimes become unreponsive.
    Funny, happened to us last night and this hotfix was supposed to go in 4 days ago. Both bosses in fact became unresponsive they just stood there doing nothing no attacks on tanks, no devastating combo either.

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    blues still supporting bot programs because it makes them money. News at 11.
    Don't be disingenuous and misleading just because you might disagree with our stance on a particular issue. Any sort of scripting or bot program that automates multiple actions/keystrokes on a character (i.e. some sort of automated cast or movement sequence) is a violation of the Terms of Use. Period.

    Ok lets see i know 5 of my friends all bot every day 24/7 only one of them has been banned in the past year and all he did was buy a new game key. i think it is in their best interest to stop it everytime they ban a botter they make another 60+ dollars and still keep the sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amsden View Post
    No kidding 50k is really not a lot. I'd imagine most players would be close to 100k these days. But as Blizzard always says they can see all the numbers.
    If you don't really do anything to make money, you won't have much of it. Especially if you spend it on things.

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    People don't understand that banning each bot individually is pointless as more bots will simply emerge. What Blizzard is doing is that it fights the bot companies in law suits and it's not easy to do it. Just deal with it.

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    that fan art is pretty dope

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    Is there anyway to get that fan art at its full resolution? or do you have to pay.

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    Listening to the audio was excruciating; the voice acting just keeps going downhill.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    The Pulsing Pumpkin and Pumpkin Fiends that accompany the Headless Horseman are now appropriately powerful foes.
    ... <censored>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikaru View Post
    I'm really having a hard time believing this.
    I'm not. I barely have 50k myself and that's only because I've been doing dailies like crazy since MoP came out. Most of my guildies don't even break 20k, from what I remember.

    And don't give me the "oh, just go play AH". The only reason AH overlords get any gold is because most players, such as myself, actually create gold by questing, doing dailies, etc. And if everyone "played the AH", no one would really have any ridiculous amount of gold.
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    Vengeance seems to be changed constantly.

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    woot new wall paper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Wyrmhorn Turtles are no longer quite so prolific.
    Yeah I get it. You want us to grind our brains out. I thought MoP was ASIAN THEMED and not a conversion to an asia-grinder...
    What? This change is exactly the opposite. Bliz wants you to quest through the zones. But the high spawn rate there made people level alts on purely grinding the turtles. So they nerfed the grind spot.

    Also, I started MoP with 110k due to selling some DS hc runs. Currently I'm sitting at 45k and have finished GL and Klaxxi reps (so income from dailies will be very low). I don't expect to break 50k anytime before the end of this expansion.
    As far as I know, most people in my guild have a similar situation. We only have 2 or 3 rich farts with over 100k.
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    This download updates the driver for Terratec Aureon 5.1 to the latest version as per manufacturers release notes. The Aureon5.1_Fun_PCI_App_Drv_2000_Vista_XP_08.2007.exe driver is valid for all Terratec Aureon 5.1with the following specs; Interface: PCI 2.1, 2.2 Connections; Optical Digital Output, 44.1 / 48 kHz (TOS link) Optical Digital Input, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (TOS link) x3 Line Outputs, Stereo Line Input, Stereo Microphone Input.

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