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    Addon like Routes?

    For those who don't know... Routes is/was an addon that does exactly what its name implies. It makes routes via lines on mini/world map for you to follow. Specifically it can (could...) import nodes from gatherer style addons and create a route that hit every node. You could then "cluster" the nodes so any node within say 40 yards of each other became one point on the route. Finally you could optimize the route to pick the shortest time between the nodes.

    Well, as of 5.0 it's been broken. Map drawing doesn't seem to work right, I can't make new routes based off gatherer data, lua erros, etc. In MoP Content thats not such a huge deal that it's broken, I mean come on herbs and mining nodes are EVERYWHERE. However, I'm working on leveling up some alts and their professions at the same time by feeding them mats from a level 90 gatherer. In the old content (and even MoP to a degree) an addon like this is REALLY handy.

    So does anyone know of any addon that is like Routes or use Routes and know how to make it so I can make new routes and stuff again? I've checked for an updated version and the latest Alpha from a couple weeks ago is still having all the above problems..

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    It's in alpha, but it's working so far: http://www.wowace.com/addons/routes/files/

    Oh wow I didn't read the rest of your thread, I suck.

    It's working fine for me in Pandaria, the Alpha from 10/4, try deleting saved variables for routes and start fresh.
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    i had some problems with routes..that force me to uninstall :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonBoy2001 View Post
    It's working fine for me in Pandaria, the Alpha from 10/4, try deleting saved variables for routes and start fresh.
    Unless there is a second savedvariables I'm missing somewhere I tried deleting the saved variables from savedvariables and it's still doing that thing where it doesn't want to import gatherer data. It's like there is a door between the two addons that was open and now is shut closed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Punisheiro View Post
    i had some problems with routes..that force me to uninstall :|
    I take it by the :| you haven't found a good replacement yet? I really find it hard to believe Routes was the ONLY addon to do something like this. I mean I know the saying "if it aint broke don't fix it" but look at how many OTHER mods have "copies" out there that have basically the same functionality but different looks and stuff....

    Edit: Ok so I can create a BARE Route and kinda manually place points to give a rough route that gives me something to follow at least. Better than nothing but still really annoying that I can't import the information

    Edit 2: Well talk about needing to read things better.... I went over to that page on wow ace (which isn't a site I normally use) and in one of the tickets or whatever someone was able to fix the gatherer import thing! Still popping up LUA errors, but those I don't mind too much if things work right rofl
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    An Addon Alternative

    Which I doubt there is an addon out there exactly like Routes, I have to admit that there is a 'suite' addon named Carbonite that allows you to create an efficient route between herbs/ores. It is a little intimidating to begin with, but once you get playing around with the addon in-game everything will 'click.'

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    Routes still work with 5.x you might get some errors but all core functions work. I still use it.

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