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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkeoughjr View Post
    Bg ques pop in about a minute tops, avrage game is 10-15 minutes, i play an hour or 2 a day IF that so no inbetween i dnt have the time
    An hour or two a day is 7-14 hours a week. If you took an hour a week to make some gold, you'd still be BGing for 6-13 hours a week, and have more than enough money. And everyone else spends time making money to fund the stuff they really want to do.

    In short; you have the time, you just don't want to bother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snegro View Post
    Dailies are PvE content. Now more than ever as they are designed specifically to offer PvE rewards due to the valor points change and reputation vendors. How many PvP upgrades are available upon getting revered with any of the factions? There is literally nothing but gold to be gained from a PvPers perspective in these circumstances. It's similar to how most PvE players stop doing dailies once they have all they want from the factions or quests, they simply aren't motivated enough by the monetary gain and in these circumstances that's persistent throughout the content from the very beginning for PvP orientated players.

    The should implement PvP dailies. A daily PvP victory, objective list and kills (either numerical or kill faction/race/class x), arena win and so on. The only issue is bots but that being said bots control the PvE economy as it is.
    Don't know if to facepalm or not, have you ever thought of Tol Barad by any chance? The place gives pvp items and afaik its the closest you can get to doing pvp dailies, and the reason people dont bother with dailies when they have the gear is because most of the people only need the gear, they have proffesions for a reason use those to make money...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkeoughjr View Post
    Nothing to do about that, why cant i do what i like and produce cash, while all the non pvpers can therefore ur point is invalid

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    Lol tell me about it, gotta love people that think inside the box and only about what they do and noone elses point, thanks
    I don't like farming for gold either. Why don't they just give us all the gold we need?

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    Lets see...

    PvE players (that don't raid heroic modes):

    Repair cost? Very little. Only a handful of wipes each tier from LFR, soloing and LFD.
    Gems, reforging and enchants? Changing their full set of gear happens maybe once or twice every tier, and hardly all of these type of players buys the most expensive gems and enchants simply because they don't need it.
    Flasks, food buffs and potion expenses? None. Seeing a player using a flask for random BGs happen more often than seeing a player using it in LFR (assuming he/she isn't hunting wol ranks and therefore isn't a non-serious raider).
    Gold income? If you sum up all the gold a player earns through PvE and daily questing activity through a tier (excluding leveling) I'd say most players will at least hit 10k gold.

    PvE players (that do raid heroic modes):
    Repair cost? A lot.
    Expenses from raiding? A ton at the start of the expansion if you are very hardcore. Very little actually any other time of the expansion (other than a handful of BoE BiS-pre heroic drops). And if you aren't that hardcore, your expenses aren't very high either. Like, if you are playing in a top 1500 guild, chances are that you will be fully covered in normal/heroic gear from loot drops by the time you are facing a real gear check cockblock.
    Income? Well if you are raiding during farm there's a great possibility of selling loot drops/vanity stuff. Personally I earned quite a big share from selling Ragnaros mounts, and even though I didn't raid during Dragon Soul it was still very much possible to log in on my alt with zero DS progress and boost people on half of the heroic modes (rest on normal) and earn 60-80k gold for 1 hour play time.

    PvP players
    Expenses from reforging, enchants and gems? 1-2 each tier (+off specs). You need the best avialable, despite the price cost, so this will sum up to a much higher price than what a non-raider's expenses.
    Repair cost? Very little. One shouldn't lose durability from PvE'ing or taking fall damage in BGs though.
    Income? None. It was possible to sell boosts in Tbc (yay, being able to afford epic flying) however, but it was changed when personal rating decided your arena points gain.

    Conclusion? As a non-raider you will earn a lot of gold simply by gathering the pre-normal mode gear (which most casual players strive for). I don't know any of these type of players that doesn't earn a surplus of gold each tier (with their expenses being spent elsewhere).
    Serious raiders get to do what they are best and earn money by doing that. Selling boosts is very effective once content has been nerfed. There's very little room for boosting in PvP (other than maybe RBGs), but because of how mmr and personal rating is designed, it is not very effective to boost someone in PvP.
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    Lets say you play for 2 hours a day.

    You want to do arenas for the majority of those two hours. Arena queues right now are at max 1-3 minutes. That's not a whole lot of time to scavenge a zone for mining nodes.

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    So much for the tolerant left.
    I agree, hence why I think Blizzard needs to expand the amount of things purchasable with honor points - enchantments, gems, and perhaps even repairing with Honor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Lets say you play for 2 hours a day.

    You want to do arenas for the majority of those two hours. Arena queues right now are at max 1-3 minutes. That's not a whole lot of time to scavenge a zone for mining nodes.
    Not to mention that some servers (no matter how high population) have such a low price on ore, herbs and skins that covering your repair costs is about all you're going to get from posting a few stacks a day. I'm hurting to get enough for Artisan Riding (faster flying) on an alt because I bankrupted myself gearing up for raid and I'm back to "make a living steel bar, post it, collect your 600g for the day, repeat."
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    Add objective dailys for BG or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne View Post
    Add objective dailys for BG or something
    And watch nobody do them when IoC/Strand is the daily.

    No, the problem is that PvP as a gold source is too easy for farmers to exploit. The easiest solution to this is introduce a seperate currency system for pvp that is mutually exclusive with PvE content and junk.
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    OP has a good point actually. It's garbage that you have to do what Blizzard tells you to in order to be rewarded on this game. For instance, I really enjoy afking in Orgrimmar, or just mindlessly jumping around on things in the city.

    I'm not into PvE and I don't wanna run dailys everyday, professions just aren't my thing and I just don't have the patience for playing the auction house. So whenever I'm doing my thing, just afking in Orgrimmar or talking in guild chat, it really pisses me off that there isn't some sort of monetary reward for this. It's what I enjoy doing in the game and there should be some way to make money from doing what I enjoy.

    Maybe if they introduced a system where you got, say, 50 gold for each lap of Orgrimmar, or even 10 gold per minute that you spend standing there it would add some more incentive for people like me. I put time and effort into afking in Orgrimmar, I should be rewarded for it!

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    Let's see.

    1 night of wipes (not a hardcore raid) - 4 hours

    Flasks? 4 x at least ~175g == 700g
    Repairs? Let's say ~25 wipes at least, multipled by 10% each wipe is let's say 2 and half "full repairs. A "full" repair based on the gear you have can reach up to 120-150g. Let's say 2.5 x 120g ~= 300g


    Let's say a random boss in there, Feng the Accursed, drops 332g (in 10M), that's roughly 33g/person on NORMAL mode.

    1000g - 33g = 967g deficit / night / raider

    So how's that PvP thingie treating you?

    You get to repair after you play those 8 arena matches you need to win?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tseven View Post
    if you do get repair bills the only repair you will need is from standing in org/sw.

    Being killed in pvp and being damaged in pvp does not damage the gear.
    Being damaged in PvP actually does damage the gear, all physical damage does, but not by much. It would take a really long time for it to break or even become orange. Dying specifically to a player on the other hand has no penalty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    And watch nobody do them when IoC/Strand is the daily.

    No, the problem is that PvP as a gold source is too easy for farmers to exploit. The easiest solution to this is introduce a seperate currency system for pvp that is mutually exclusive with PvE content and junk.
    If they implement gold for pvp they should reimplement rep costs for dying and taking damage in bgs.

    As a raider i have to invest a lot of time into farming.

    Basically this tier i could be forced to enchant 5+ items on the same slot. The only way i get them is by farming.

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    Don't forget, the Black Prince dailies in 5.1 are going to incorporate PvP for their completion.

    Although I agree that PvP'ers should do dailies too if they're that frustrated about getting gold from dailies, I can also see them not wanting to grind more mobs / items just for that.

    Just see dailies as a way to farm rep so you can get the mounts / tabards. Also, you can probably change the valor into a quick fix of Conquest soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamora View Post
    As a 100% PvE player, I can still agree with this. Monetary rewards from arena similar to that of raiding, and for battlegrounds similar to that of 5-man instances totally make sense.
    No it doesnt. Thats why you have almost no costs for dying in pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    PvPers already have vastly lower gold requirements; they do not rely on flasks and such, nor do they have to pay for equipment repairs due to deaths. Nor are you expected to be able to focus exclusively on one narrow aspect of the game and enjoy full success.

    There are plenty of ways to make money in this game, even with minimal time to invest.
    This pretty much summarises the most logical argument against PvP'ers expecting a free ride to money. You do not constantly upgrade, you do not need consumables, you have the ability to do dailies like anybody else (unless somehow you are physically incapable of killing an NPC, in which case why the hell are you playing PvP), you do not need to repair. End of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Draknalor186 View Post
    if u get gold from PvPing.. even more will bot.. or the botters will be rich as fk
    Because we dont have PvE bots amirite?
    Quote Originally Posted by Medium9 View Post
    I'd prefer being shot by a terrorist than living in a country where they serve bread baked with a little cheese and a bottle of ketchup to complete your "pizza margeritha".

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    If you PvP, you do not need to spend any gold on your PvP. You can get everything from honor. Enchant mats, gear, gems.

    If you want anything other than that you are gonna have to play the AH or gather or something along those lines.

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    I don't like pvp, so I have no other way to get conq / honor points Blizzard should make pve content that rewards that. Just cause I don't like PvP, doesn't mean I don't want the same rewards. :<

    .. But seriously, you're claiming playing pve is the only way to earn gold. I'm sure a lot of AH players on these forums disagree with you. Farming and doing dailies is not even close to being the easiest way to make gold in this game, so your claim to pve is wrong. And if you're bad at the opportunities presented to you, I don't see how that is blizzards fault.

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    If you don't enjoy dailies, make money through professions. You can't just come here and whine why aren't you making 1k gold a day just for a dozen arena matches. It doesn't work that way. Everyone that has a significant amount of gold in their pockets will tell you that it is a hard grind to make some serious money. Of course raiders will always be rewarded with more money, because *newsflash* raiding costs a lot. Constant reforges, talent respecs, gems with every new piece of gear, flasks, potions, food, repairs, the list goes on. What exactly do you spend on your PvP?

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