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    Returning to wow perhaps?

    Hello all,

    I am currently debating and reading up on different opinions of what is now Mists of pandaria and i was wondering if you guys could give me an update over the main points that have changed since cataclysm. I hear that the expansion is geared towards the more advanced player and i was wondering if there was anyone patient enough to tell me the main bulletpoints of what has changed since cataclysm, for example I hear there are also major developments in the skill trees?

    So basically i wanted to know if you guys were enjoying mop and if you think a returning player like me would, as a returning player from cata.


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    Try the 10 day free trial

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    Yes i am. There is a lot to do. I came back for MoP and i'm happy i did.
    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    Bots have taken over and Blizzard just cares about money nowadays.
    To get by you have to do 50 dailies per day.
    Dungeons are easy.
    u'll waste precious time of your life.
    Outdated graphics

    Go play GW2 instead if u don't value the life part.

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    if you are prepared for a grind, or planning to raid with a group of friends where you already have a spot, go ahead. if you're coming back alone, howaboutno.jpg

    its pretty easy overall, and the expansion is fun and pretty well-done... but the 90 dailies grind is too much for most casual players. i religiously do dailies and although i'm about 3/4ths done and exalted with several already, they are burning me out. its EASY, but MINDLESS. raiding is tougher than usual. normal is tuned fairly well, challenging enough for normal. LFR is a joke as always.

    pvp i hear is pretty FUBAR right now so you may want to wait if that is your main focus.

    also, if you are xxhardxcorexx, just wait til november 20th for the Darkfall re-release, or until wintertime for the new EQ classic progression PvP server supposedly on the horizon.

    MOP while very good is 'more of the same' and blizzard is suffering from their properties just not being as relevant as they used to be. it isn't 2005 anymore, and wow might feel old to you if you've been spending time in newer games. MOP is really fun but its 'stealth hardcore,' meaning its actually really a tough grind at endgame. unlike Cata though, it wasn't a selling point, so people weren't expecting it to be so severe.

    if you're playing with friends, come back. coming back alone ehhhh probably not worth it.

    smile!! Hearts loves you!!

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    The start will be great. After 1-2 week you'll get extremely annoyed by all the dailies/vp griding/pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiift View Post
    Go play GW2 instead if u don't value the life part.
    Worst decision, GW2 is a noob game. MoP is great, it could be better I'd wait for a couple more patches. Just play some console game for a bit, halo4 !!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes, you should at least check it out.

    There is no skill "tree" anymore. You have 6 levels of 3 skills each, and you can choose only one every 15 levels.

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    I helped a player coming back from TBC to late cata and he's enjoying the hell out of MoP.

    The people that complain about dailies don't seem to understand that you can also choose to NOT do them. Or do them for a month and be done with it.

    To sum up the parts I really like about MoP;
    - The questing areas are great the quests are sometimes hillarious
    - I really liked some of the heroic dungeons, I do agree they're pretty easy, but wait till you're trying to do the hardest achievement for Glory (cleaning up) pretty epic to complete
    - The raid Mogu'shan vaults is awesome imho, definately new mechanics, it felt less "copied" anyway.
    - (Flame protection on) Pet battles are cool
    - I love the account-wide mount / chiev thing
    - Panda's are awesome
    - Outdated graphics maybe, but they're still doing a hell of a job with the details and the graphic in the engine they have to work with.

    I didn't like the daily grind either, HOWEVER I'm almost done with most of the factions since I done them every day and well it wasn't THAT much of a hassle.

    Just try it man, compared to cata, MoP feels like a very good improvement on most things. (I still think they need to burn LFR to the ground and keep it somewhere locked)

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    Like I say to all threads like this: we cannot tell you whether or not it will be fun for you. We are not you, and that is too subjective to discuss. Threads like this just end up being a pile of conflicting opinions with no consensus. It's better to do your own research (looking at threads about the raids, pvp, dailies, review threads, and independent reviews) than to just ask a generic question like this.

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