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    Exclamation Need help please!! with some warrior macro

    Hello im trying to create some macros but i cant until now the two macros im trying to do is :

    #showtooltip Die By the sword
    /castsequence reset=120 Die by the Sword,
    /equip Dubious Handaxe
    /equip Shield of Blind Hate
    /cast Shield Wall


    #showtooltip Mass Spell Reflection
    /castsequence reset=60 Mass Spell Reflection,
    /equip Dubious Handaxe
    /equip Shield of Blind Hate
    /cast Spell Reflection

    is there any way i can create such macros ? the problem i encounter so far is that in both macros its equipping the shield even if the first spell in both macros doesn't requires shield so all i want is not to equip the shield weapon with the first click of those macros since its not needed to be !!!
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    castsequence only works with actual spells/abilities, not equipping items. You may need to use a modifier key to do these macros, like this
    #showtooltip Die by the Sword
    /use [nomod] Die by the Sword
    /stopmacro [nomod]
    /equip Dubious Handaxe
    /equip Shield of Blind Hate
    /use Shield Wall
    Clicking the macro normally casts Die by the Sword. Clicking with any modifier key held down (alt, shift, or ctrl) will equip your 1-hander and shield, and cast Shield Wall.
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    ahh i see im kind of new to macro editing thanks a lot !!!

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