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    I stopped collecting mounts and pets after they started selling them for real money, because I dont think the competition is fair if some rich kid can just buy everything he wants and someone dosnt just have the extra money to spend on stuff like this. Think it would be better if the stuff bought with real money would not count for the ingame achievements.

    ingame mounts = around 200

    blizzstore mounts = 4

    ingame pets = around 500

    blizzstore pets = around 10
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    Love the cloud mount, will fit perfectly with my gnome ^^.

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    Color me completely unimpressed even more with the Death Knight Challenge Mode Armor. The game almost has me itching to come back purely on the coolness of Brawlers Guild, but I know that I would get sucked into Challenge Modes by my guild, and that is just so ugly I would never use it.

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    "t's important to note that this is not a recent change. This capping system has been in place since World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.2. A recent hotfix resolved an issue that allowed players to gain Conquest Points via random Battlegrounds up to the higher of the two point caps, which was not intended."

    Why does it say that you earn 50 conquest points if you win then? Doesn't that mean it's intended and they actually made it like that?


    They never admit they were wrong about anything, a bug they say..tsk tsk
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