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    Dont really like the new faction mounts, but so long as they arent replacing the old ones its fine.

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    Next time your awesome moderators should check news before they will lock thread with pictures from patch.

    New mounts

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    I dont like the mouth, the armor and the "mustaches" of the Kirin/qilin, could be better

    And the gryphon and the wyvern looks nice, the gryphon need work in the wings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellendway View Post
    Next time your awesome moderators should check news before they will lock thread with pictures from patch.
    Maybe not a store mount then.

    rofl, just seen video for mounts, where the fuck are the hiding those MASSIVE wings.

    Also, ooo pets from classic raids.
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    So, looks like the bell is crafted from Titan flesh. We get closer and closer to the end battle with Sargeras with every patch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darenyon View Post
    looks like the gryphons are using a different skeleton.
    Nah, it's the same skeleton. You can tell just by seeing the horrid angle on the wing and how close the feet are, it's just a new mesh on top of the old animations.

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    What about updating the characters we fucking play instead!

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    10s on Healing Sphere lol? Ok.
    Power Strikes change is awesome.

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    It's really odd how the gryphon's wing feathers "split" like that while they're moving. It should be a continuous line of edges.

    From my fiancee, an ornithologist:
    "Looks like they gave the gryphon an extra joint in the primaries so they flip up on the upstroke. There are no bones or joints for the primaries. They should move fluidly with the secondaries. The feathers can bend gradually, but the flip on the upstroke is too extreme. It took me watching it a few times, but look at that split (which in itself if wrong) and then watch what the tips of the wings do."
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    Those HORRIBLE wing animations on the Gryphon...seriously, I get annoyed with how the devs just ignore how things SHOULD move. Horses running like dogs, mammoths hopping along, worgs running as if they have bad issues with their hips etc etc.

    They could make the new gryphon model have PROPERLY impressive wings, but nooo...stick to the old, fugly animation -_-. I guess we can see that they will do shoddy jobs on all the other model upgrades.

    Also, is it sure that they're updating the flying faction mounts, and not just adding 2 new ones for the Brawler's Guild or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    Oh come on. They changed 70 exalted factions to 60 for the new title? That sucks. 60 is a complete joke to get.
    totally agree. i had 58 factions in cata already. and that isnt even with shren'dalar(spelling?) and ravenholdt.
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    The Wyvern is freaking hideous. Was never a big fan of them but this is just a flying Wolpertinger. Disgusting.

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    Really? Really? Really? Mount updates before player models, in fact mounts the nobody uses... /facepalm

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    Seems like they are giving more incentive to run the old raids from Classic WoW. But, what I don't get, is Gluth's Bone, Dusty Clutch of eggs, Mr. Bigglesworth's Frigid Collar, and Blighted Spore. Those sound like they drop from Naxx, which is no longer a "Classic Raid", being considered a WotLK raid since it was bumped to 80. There's 3 from Molten Core, 3 from Blackwing Lair, and 3 from (what appear to be) AQ40, and 4 from Naxx.

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    Knowing blizz it's either some new faction reward you pay loads of gold for, or from the store. Pretty sure they don't just replace the current ones. Since the different colors and all.

    Love the mount hate tho. When in game you will all buy/get it. You know you want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bareno View Post
    Lolwat. How intresting?
    I guess by flying, the achievement means getting knocked back by one of those trash mobs before Elegon, and hitting the rings above the engine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Really? Really? Really? Mount updates before player models, in fact mounts the nobody uses... /facepalm
    Because mount updates obviously aren't much easier to make than player model updates. (/sarcasm)
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    Gah! New pets! From raids?! What is this madness!

    And finally, a Mr. Bigglesworth of my own!

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    So mount model upgrades are a testing ground for character model upgrades.

    So keep whining about it, because I'm sure they're going to want to waste resources re-designing character models if all they're going to get in response is grief.

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    Fun fact! The WindSteed and the Quilen are based off the same creature! The Qilin/Kirin in chinese lore is sometime described as a "dragon tiger" and other times a "dragon deer". Though the Quilen in game share closer looks to the ShiShi dog/lions than the Qilin dragon tigers they share a name with.

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    30,233 update our old mount models...BUT STILL HAVEN'T updated our character models. Way to go, guys -.-

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    To all the people bitching about the wings...........It's the PTR, chill out.

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