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    Maturing Varian = win
    Vol'jin as a potential warchief = win

    Can't wait!

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    I just heard the music for the DMF Merry-go-round. O_O

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    Those updated mounts are amazingly detailed when compared to the originals...

    If the race update are anything like the mounts, I'm incredibly excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nillah View Post
    Those new models are sweet as hell. The old ones look ridiculous in comparison.
    They do look good, but I hope to be able to keep the old ones as well.
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    Monk healer pov :
    Woop @ glyph of gag order change

    However, wouldnt' mind if heroic throw interrupts (does it? Not played my warrior in ages) :3

    Changing orbs = meh I guess, most pugs never go near them anyway so :3 only affects what I save to run into for later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by F-Minus View Post
    I can tell you that a decent (note that I said decent, not exceptional) can produce a model worth looking at in a movie, not a video game in about a day or two, and to polish it out in about a week
    Ah yes, here's an example of a quality movie with models made in such a time frame

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    I'm intrigued to see where the gryphon and windrider are from... perhaps new ranked battleground rewards? It'd be too great if they were the 150 mount achievement reward... The only issue I have with the gryphon is that its wings look... a bit too large. They need to refine them a bit, especially the odd inner flap of the wing.

    The multiple colors of the windsteed are also interesting.

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    Even after what happens to Anduin, it's starting to feel like that Varian and Jaina have switched places. Varian becoming more the voice of reason and Jaina becoming the voice of vengeance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pachycrocuta View Post
    Seems like they are giving more incentive to run the old raids from Classic WoW. But, what I don't get, is Gluth's Bone, Dusty Clutch of eggs, Mr. Bigglesworth's Frigid Collar, and Blighted Spore. Those sound like they drop from Naxx, which is no longer a "Classic Raid", being considered a WotLK raid since it was bumped to 80. There's 3 from Molten Core, 3 from Blackwing Lair, and 3 from (what appear to be) AQ40, and 4 from Naxx.
    Maybe this means they will bring back Naxx 40 for people to enjoy and collect sexy transmogs from? *crosses finger*
    For the midcores:
    Quote Originally Posted by Uricidea View Post
    Needing the trappings of success to last forever is selfish and childish.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    If you want Blizzard to make the game hard for you then you have to make your position the majority position. Oh wait, you don't want the majority in your sandbox because you want to be a special snowflake.... guess you are screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazaxist View Post
    lol at warrior changes.. they can still 2shot people in full resil

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    That wyvren looks insanely good.

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    do you guys hear that ???? That's the sound of Hunters crying in the background!!! ............. on a side note: poor mages they didn't need ice barrier to be nerfed !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavol View Post
    10s on Healing Sphere lol? Ok.
    Power Strikes change is awesome.
    How is a nerf awesome lol

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    So will the new models replace the old ones or will you only be able to get them a certain way like the rbg achievements?

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    I loved the old gryphons. I liked their short wings, they were cute. New ones are sweet, but, IMO, the gryphon wings are completely fucked. Like they're made of paper, and just wrong. And the models themselves don't seem entirely wow-y, to me, either.

    The wyvern is a huge upgrade, though again, I can't agree with its head.

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    Lynx Rush damage reduced by 54%.
    Bestial Wrath...No longer makes pet unstoppable.
    Way to go, Blizz.
    Such a smart decision....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bejii View Post
    Damn, I am at 69 exalted reps and they decide to nerf it.

    At least leave it at 65!
    Am in the same boat with 69 and working on 70(shado) and 71(august), 70 would've been perfect tbh since not many people could get it so more unique but making it 60 is a joke.
    67/68 would've been more ideal =P

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    No, no, not 60 exalted...
    I was working on this at 70 ealted reps...
    The title will be just meh now

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    That red (one on the right) Kirin/Quilin or whatever mount is pretty good looking, best of the bunch imo.

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    New mount models look good, except for the tiny eyes...

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