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    Cali baby
    "Skyglaive Misc" I got excited!

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    ANC! ANC! ANC!
    Quote Originally Posted by Intoxicated View Post
    "Intervene Run at high speed towards a party or raid member, intercepting the next melee or ranged attack within 10 sec while the target remains within 10 yards.

    Major Glyphs
    Glyph of Gag Order Does not work against players."

    And that's all warriors get.. rofl blizz, rofl.
    If there's anything roflworthy, it's the fact that you have no idea how the warrior class works. That's a huge nerf for warriors in PVP vs casters.

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    Would rather see a damage nerf than this shit for warriors..

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    Oh a brilliant idea! Lets add horns and fangs to the Gryphon to make it the clown of the mounts!!

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    Oh dear... Viscidus drops a pet? The slime guy who needs lots of frost damage and then melee attacks to actually die? Well screw that one then, cba! =P But more pets, improved gryphon/wyvern, stuff and voice files, including Vol'jin! Love! =D

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    WTB Black WindSteed

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    Mass Dispel has to be wrong, it would be extremly OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aNGeLKiLLeR View Post
    Am in the same boat with 69 and working on 70(shado) and 71(august), 70 would've been perfect tbh since not many people could get it so more unique but making it 60 is a joke.
    67/68 would've been more ideal =P
    They aren't changing the achievements at all, just the tooltips for 55 and 60. They were incorrectly displaying the prerequisite for 55 reps as 60 and 60 reps as 70.

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    Has no one noticed this little tidbit

    Raid groups are no longer necessary to enter pre-Mists of Pandara raid dungeons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by front page
    Penance now heals for 6,606 + 63.5% of SP, up from 1,000 + 103.7% of SP.
    isn't this a reverted change from the hot fix? and is in fact a nerf once you've started gearing in 5 mans? O_o

    ---------- Post added 2012-10-24 at 08:24 AM ----------

    also the new wyvern model bugs me, when its on the ground its folded wings are tiny, and then grow to more suitably epic proportions once in the air >_<

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    Blizzard keeps going with the steady one step forward two steps backwards..

    The mass dispel taking all beneficial buffs already proofs their dev team is absolutely retarded.

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    Soul Swap (Affliction) - Soulburn: Applies Corruption, Unstable Affliction and Agony without removing them from a target.

    Can anyone explain me this change? I dont get it :] thanks.

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    Cory Stockton has said that the new armored wyvern and gryphon mounts will be a reward of the new Alliance/Horde faction quests.

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    Wait. Do people even USE Turn Evil in PvE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lockula View Post
    Has no one noticed this little tidbit

    Best thing I saw throughout all the patch notes! ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lockula View Post
    Has no one noticed this little tidbit
    No I didn't, thanks for pointing it out! That's great news ^^ finally no more nonsense for old content farming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dynati View Post
    Patience and reason do appear to be in short supply these days in the gaming community.

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    I suppose it's a good thing that Dk's are being left alone with each update. I guess we're right where bliz wants us to be.

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    RIP fire gfy Blizzard

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    What is wrong with the designers? Why the big horns on wyverns? Why the 4 wings for the gryphons? And what in earth is that windsteed? A horse? A lama? A goat? A deer? Or every living animals on Earth combined in one?? Just stop this nonsene,we had enough with the elephant-legged Tyrial's charger..............

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    About freaking time.

    No raid group to enter the old raids.

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