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    Quote Originally Posted by Lockula View Post
    Has no one noticed this little tidbit
    No I did not but I so hope its true.

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    these new changes make fire unplayable.. oh well.. im more into frost anyway.

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    So there was not any thread i could find about this but I noticed healing sphere a monk spell went from 2 min to 10 sec? I totally thing this is so far beyond trying to make things even and fare. Why does it always seem like you guys take one spell or whatever it is such as the quick and the dead guild perk and totally go way to far with stripping it of its usefulness. WHY even allow us to use it in the first place if your going to be so blatantly unfair and deteriorate these things so badly. Sure lower the CD I play a monk they stay up for a long time. But come on 10 secs. Two things should happen with this spell. Firstly you should increase the radius of its healing ability. Walking over it never mind seeing it on a floor while everyone's spell affects is hard. And up the timer to 30 sec or even 45 second. The healer has to not only decide what the best place to place it is, but then its up to the tanks or dps to use it so its not wasted. lets work on a way to make everyone happy instead of doing what you normally do which is. Oh here is a great useful ability. spell. ie whatever. Then we are going to take away its usefulness and deteriorate it into nothing. Thanks Sincerely I know its seems your against allowing your populous to have fun but come on, because that's the message you give your players when you pull stuff like this.

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    Dude if you're making Glyph of Gag Order not work against players, just take it out of the game completely. I'd rather not see it in my glyph book everyday angry that my ranged blanket silence was taken away from me. At least let melee kicks lock out for 7 secs like ranged silences, we have to actually be in melee ranged to kick unlike a mage who can just press their button that's off the gcd (heroic throw is on the gcd) without them actually facing their target like gag order needed.

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    Love the wings on the two redone mounts. They look really nice in flight.

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    Love the model updates on the wyvern and the gryphon...hopefully these updates are the first in a phase of updates for the old mount models and then culminating with the old race updates.

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