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    Silly question about BMAH and TCG mounts.

    I have seen nothing to suggest it either way, but when you buy a BoE TCG mount off the AH, when they arrive in the mail are they BoP or still BoE? I'm thinking about flipping it and selling it cross server but I don't want it for myself.

    I google'd, got no solid answers. I saw Heroic 509 gear BoE though...

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    Not 100% certain but I don't think the TCG mount would become BoP.

    Also, what was the name of the heroic 509 BoE gear? To my knowledge there has never been BoE heroic gear in the game. All the 509s I've seen on the BMAH have been BoP.

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    I've heard mixed things about it. I've had a few friends buy mounts/pets/gear and heard all sorts of different things. It might be a per-item basis.

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    Thanks for the responses. Don't think I'll risk it.

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    Today on my server heroic leather boots appeared (20k starting bid) and they are 'bind on pickup'. Same goes for Vortex Pinnacle mount.

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