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I loved DA:O (with all the DLC) and I liked DA2. It had it's flaws (randomly spawning enemies, few locations) but it topped in the character department.

Unless they somehow make a major fuck up, I0ll preorder the CE for Inquisition.

I also don't see much wrong with ME3. The only real weakness was it's ending, which comes more down to storywriting than gamedesign.
I personally felt that with the extended cut, ME3's ending was very bittersweet, emotional and enjoyable. I still vehemently hate Catalyst and I think he's a horrible plot device, but overall, I think ME3 is otherwise a brilliant game. And the things I hate about the Catalyst don't ruin the other 20-30 hours of that game or the other 90 hours of the trilogy.

DA2 was the only BioWare single player flop in my opinion. Not including SWTOR, haven't played it.