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    NV does affect key drops in that if you kill a warden with 0 NV you have a 0% chance (regardless of MP) of getting a drop, it's not hard to understand.
    Yes, you could kill a KW with 0-4 stacks of NV and be an idiot but that does not affect the % chance a key or organ drops it simply affects whether it is possible to drop or not (0-4 stacks of NV it is not possible to get either and at 5 stacks it is possible). The only thing that affects the % chance is MP level. Yes, if you want to be that nitpicky about it you are right, is that what you wanted to hear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velerian View Post
    Put it on a lvl 1 char = win
    Yup! thats what I'm doing

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