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    Lightbulb ★[A] <Helion> 6/6HC MSV & 3/6HC HoF & 4/4 ToES -World#463 10 man - Outland

    [A] Helion - Heroic PvE 10 man - Outland EU

    Helion has stopped raiding, good luck finding a guild!

    It's always worth sending in an application, even if your class is not listed as needed below. A good application may open up some new possibilities.

    At the moment we are actively recruiting the following -
    In high demand of:

    About us
    Helion is an english speaking High-End PvE/PvP raiding Alliance Guild on Outland-EU server, founded 2 November 2011. We raid 10 player heroic. We provide a nice and friendly environment combined with semi-hardcore/Hardcore raiding. We currently strive to be amongst the world top 100 and climb even further in near future.

    Combined with the PvE part of the guild, we also got a active PvP part aswell, which is consisted of only Rank 1/Gladiators/Hero of the Alliance players, as well as well known players/streamers in the pvp community, which are really active in both playing Arena and RBG.

    PvP Feats:
    Season 12 RBG: World 1#, EU 1#, Realm 1#
    Season 11 RBG: World 22#, EU 5#, Realm 1#
    Interested in joining our PvP section? Then contact the GM or a Officer ingame.

    The Recruit

    A potential recruit has to be punctual and independent enough to have a very high raid attendance. This is especially important for progression raids. The recruit has to be competitive and always trying to improve his game. We are looking for players who want to deliver flawless performance and aren't content with being average. It's also a huge plus if the player isn't afraid to talk and bring his own ideas into the fight and can grasp the whole picture. You should also be geared to step into progression.

    Raiding Schedule
    Our raiding times are:
    19:00-00:00 (Server time)Wednesday,Thursday,Sunday,Monday,Tuesday. But remember we expect our members to be available most of the days of the week and raiding times and additional days can sometime various and occur during progress.

    We raid as much as possible when new content is available and much less if the content is on farm status. Progression mode can be up to between 5-7 evenings per week.Farm status is much less, - a few raids per week with the aim of clearing everything as fast as possible..

    Where to apply:
    Apply at or contact either GM or a Officer in-game for more information.

    ★ Contact Information

    If you have any additional questions our officers and GM are available for a chat.
    Ithax (GM)
    Horrorshowx (Officer)
    Paulyde (Officer)
    (in-game and forum usernames)


    [email protected]
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