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    Hello guys,

    I felt that my PC was not running at his max speed at times. I'm running a Z77X-D3H with 8 GB of Vengeance something ram with a i5-2500k (not clocked) and a geforce 560 gtx. Reason for not overclocking is that I don't dare.. And with my luck I'll probably blow up the entire street when trying to do so.

    So I somehow stumbled across a forum post about turning on "HPET" in bios. It already was turned on, but not yet via the OS. I downloaded the program they suggested (WinTimerTester) and it gave the following result;

    QueryPerformanceFrequency : 3.21539 MHz
    QueryPerformanceCount: 100.1
    GetTickCount: 100
    Ratio (QPC / GTC): 1.0006

    After turning on HPET in the OS via the CMD command and rebooting, it changed to:

    QueryPerformanceFrequency : 14.31818 MHz
    QueryPerformanceCount: 102.1
    GetTickCount: 102
    Ratio (QPC / GTC): 1.0010

    Now, I've been told on these forums that after 100 seconds (which are the 2 numbers in the middle) the Ratio should be exactly 1.0000. As far as I understand, this is basically how well your cores of your CPU work together... Mine for sure doesn't seem to as the test shows, how do I fix this..?

    I was hoping someone with knowledge about this case would be here. They are saying that if this ratio is exactly 1.000 some programs can actually run better with less lag etc.

    Thanks in advance!
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    what you are looking at is a certain kind of synthetic benchmarking, generally the associated tweaking of windows to go along with wintimer tester never shows any tangible result, that is, you wont notice anything, it's the equivalent of your program loading 0.0027 seconds faster because you are using a vertex4 over a intel520

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