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    Post The Shadowlight Cathedral [RP story]

    The Shadowlight Cathedral

    A Story by Nekrotix

    Chapter 1:

    The Horde isn't known for it's appreciation of the light, heck, they don't even consider it. But, if you look hard enough, there are some Horde Cathedrals out there. But most have failed, seeing as not many people came. There was one priest, by the name of Selvoniel Dawnsorrow, a Traveling Priest, blessing those he passes by with the light, hoping to convert fellow Horde. He doesn't do so well, but he still tries. Selvoniel is young, but could pass as an adult, for he is taller then most his age. His white and red robes compliment his silver hood, which messes up his hair, but he doesn't mind. For him, it is mandatory for any priest to wear some sort of headgear symbolizing their holyness. His staff is only but a beaten, thick, but straight stick, with a red spiral wrap wrapped around it.

    He was passing by Orgrimmar, it wasn't a very busy day, most of the guards were off-duty, and only a few citizens of Orgrimmar were walking by. The sun was hindering most of Selvoniel's view, but it was nothing his hood couldn't handle. But it was hot. Hot and humid. Like Tanaris. But, less extreme. As he was walking along the roads of Orgrimmar, he met up with an Undead. This Undead wasn't like most Undead you'd just see walking around, he was more covered up, with only a few bones showing. He wore a Red Headband around his Temples, with his stringed hair covering most of it. He was also wearing a dark-red robe, and carrying a White staff, that had a glowing blue gem on the tip, surrounded by a clear, but somewhat visible, casting. "Greetings, Elf!" The Undead said with much exuberance, not normal for an Undead. "Um, Hello, Undead." Selvoniel said, feeling a bit nervous. The Undead reeked of something fierce. He couldn't tell what it was, but somewhere deep inside, he didn't WANT to know. "I am Genlan. Genlan Lightbane. High Priest of the Shadowlight Cathedral." Selvoniel sparked up at the word "Cathedral". Was there an actual Cathedral here? "The... Shadowlight Cathedral?" Selvoniel speaks up. "It's a Cathedral I built a couple weeks ago, it wasn't hard, really. It's a place people who follow the light may go and worship freely." Genlan explains, still having that upbeat attitude. Selvoniel, still wanting to know more, questions the Undead again. "Must be some Cathedral. Seeing the difficulties I've had converting others, I'd be lucky to convert a Murloc. Is this Cathedral doing well?" Genlan shakes his head rapidly, "Oh, heavens, yes! I don't know what it is I do, but whatever it is, I'm doing a brilliant job. Even some Horde Fighters have come for a sermon or two." Selvoniel was now very excited, wanting to join this Cathedral by any means, but he still kept calm. "So, when are these 'Sermons'?" Selvoniel says, catching his breath trying not to cheer right then and there. "I host them every Sunday. Everyone is welcome to the Shadowlight Cathedral." Genlan says, a bit more calm then before. Selvoniel, deep inside, was wondering if this guy was insane, but he didn't care anymore. There was an ACTUAL Cathedral, the only Horde one he has seen since... well, ever! "I'd love to join you! I'm Selvoniel Dawnsorrow." Selvoniel explains. Genlan grabs Selvoniel's arm and shook it vigorously. "Welcome, Brother Selvoniel, to the Shadowlight Cathedral! I'll hope to see you tomorrow on Sunday!"

    Selvoniel, after the meet with Genlan, went to the Inn. It wasn't very crowded, a Troll was sitting in the upper level, and a Goblin was passed out on the bar. The Goblin slumped over, and fell on the floor, but didn't awake. Selvoniel, walking past the passed-out Goblin, ordered a drink. Selvoniel was so excited for the next day, he was shaking so much he could barely keep his drink in his cup. After a few sips, and a good laugh with the Barkeeper, he walked upstairs and slept in one of the mangy hammocks, awaiting the upcoming day with glee.

    Chapter 2:

    The sound of bells awoke Selvoniel, who was still tired from last night. He didn't want to get up, but then remembered. The Cathedral! He pounced out of bed, hastily got into his robes, and charged for the Cathedral as fast as he could, the Ringing Bells being his only guide.
    <To Be Continued>
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    Nice, I can't wait for the second part, keep the good work coming.
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