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    World Of Warcraft Resolution Issue

    I installed the release version of Windows 8 Pro today. ( legit - msdn ) Installed all my updates etc. Basically, it was a windows 7 clone in a way of how I set it up.

    Anyways, when I load up WoW the resolution changes. I run at 1920x1080p. The screen will expand to the outside of my screen and its kinda darker. Then, ill exit wow and my windows resolution does the same. I have to go and edit my screen resolution manually again to reset it to normal.

    It did this too when I had windows 7 and I played Just Cause 2. I would have to change a graphics setting, let it refresh the change, then the resolution would come back normal. I tried to do the same with wow.

    I installed the nvidia release drivers first. Got this problem. I then tried the beta drivers that were released today, same problem. Everything worked fine on it before I installed windows 8.

    Korgath is cut off because its expanding out past my screen

    Same thing with this

    Icons extended out past my screen


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    The fact that it's doing it on the desktop clearly makes it a Windows issue. See if you can find an option that may be doing it. Although for the life of me I can't think why they'd do it now.. overscan died with CRT monitors, even if they included the feature, it should never have been default.

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    Yeah, I have no idea how to fix this. Been stuck for like 2 hours... I wanna play me some wow... lol

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