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    levels needed to enter TBC raids? (Wiki and wowhead have wrong info)

    So, what is needed for me to enter the TBC raids. They say 68, now I tried TK, BT, and SSC, neither of them I can enter. Now omw to karazhan to see if I can go there.

    But are they both wrong and does it require 70? No, I am not going to solo them and QQ about how hard it is. I want to level my girlfriends shaman through them, and she just reached 68 in the hope we could start running em.

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    I've been able to get into Kara at 68, not pleasant though.
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    70. I think it used to be that a slightly lower level could get in, but was changed. So just go with 70 to be safe.

    Or, y'know, you can try at 69 as well to test it for us. :P

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    pretty sure raids is 70

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    karazhan is 68. That one works. Rather odd that they change the level per raid. Ow well, blizzard ftw.

    Thanks everyone

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    You dont get exp from raids tho
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    68 is for karazhan and gruul's lair, perhaps magtheridon as well. The rest requires 70 afaik

    Holy form? Discipline form, oh and holy flay tbh.
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    When my DK dinged 70 yesterday I got the popup saying I unlocked Karazhan. So I assume it's 70.

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    As people said, all raids are for 70+, except Karazhan - 68. But also Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair require only lv65 to enter (or required the last time I checked).

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    Well, everything works fine. Ran into some small bugs. maghteridon, karazhan and Gruul cleared.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lolcatabeta View Post
    You dont get exp from raids tho
    This doesnt seem to be true anymore, when we 4 manned ICC 10, our monk did get EXP, quite a lot in fact. I believe the full clear gave him a few bars actually.

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