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    What *sport team* have you just gave up on !

    * So what team did you gave the finger and swear that you will NEVER support them again *

    Because they keep on loosing each single years
    They have overprice player or old player and horrible management
    They won a few championship and no more

    So what your beef !

    NY Yankees i turn my back on them because they make the playoff and *drop the ball* and this is every single years the last time they won was back in 2009 and that it and my major issues is that they have player who are over 40's and think they are in the 30's george steinbrenner would be rolling in his graves

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    Oh man, 3 years without a World Series.. must be rough.

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    Dude the yankees have been a powerhouse for a long time and to turn your back on them after a few mishaps is just ridiculous. Try being a washington redskins, Bullets/Wizards, Capitals, Nationals, fan although the nats had a breakout season but shit the bed in the playoffs and the caps just choke year in and year out.

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    Scotland National Football team. They'll never even qualify for a major tournament again, the players that scotland produces are just not good and the manager sucks.

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    Somewhere in WNY or Canada or Dead
    This is why i turn my back on them !

    Mike Francesa on the Yankees end of season - 10/19/12

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    I will away be a JETS fans * screw the yankees *

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    I think it's hilarious that you would stop supporting a team after a couple years of poor playoff performances.
    Going to pretty much every home game when we had back to back seasons at the bottom of the Pac-10.

    I didn't stop being a Colts fan when last season was horrendous. I didn't stop when we lost Manning. I didn't stop when Vanderjadt missed a really easy field goal. Either you're a fan or you're not.
    I can understand a Penn State fan stopping support because of the heinous coverup. Fair weather fandom is not for me.

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    Illinois Football.

    Ask me in 3 months and it might be their Basketball team too lol

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    Vancouver Grizzlies. How dare they cease to exist!

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    Toronto Blue Jays. Gave up on them the moment they traded Doc. Didn't even get value, Drabek has been mediocre at best and the other 2 have brought us nothing. I'll probably go back to supporting them when Doc retires.

    Also Yankees fan... YOU WON THE WORLD SERIES 3 YEARS AGO.
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    Dallas Cowboys. Every year, the expectations fall flat on their ass.

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    Cubs fan here. I have a list over a hundred pages thick.

    Seriously though, lolz at angry Yamkees fans.
    I like sandwiches

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    25 years ive been a Padres and Chargers fan...although I don't really give up I just go into hibernation. I live in the Bay Area so this is an especially brutal reminder of how things could be.

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    Seriously though, lolz at angry Yamkees fans.

    This too.

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    I don't think I'll ever give up on my teams. Even if Oakland have sucked for a decade, United aren't the powerhouse of the mid 90s and England haven't won anything since 1966.

    Though I will most certainly not get suckered into the media hype about the latter anymore. I learned that lesson after the last World Cup.
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    All European football clubs that were bought by over the top rich Russians and middle eastern types.
    As far as i'm concerned, every title those teams win is a title that wasn't given out that year.

    I don't mind rich people buying a team but if some over the top guy buys it and turns it into some horse market for young talent, then something is not right.

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    Once you leave a team you are no real sports fan and you dont deserve to call you a fan of any other team, because you truely are not

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    Miami Marlins, the gm is only after the money he gives a crap about the team and everybody knows it, half way into the season only 5 games under 500 and they trade away half the team. Im done with them they are a circus...

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    The Scottish Football Association, absolutely clueless, have sat with their head up their ass for 30 years with no plan for the future with the net result we haven't qualified for a mens senior tournament for 16 years by the time you account for the fact Scotland won't qualify for Rio 2014. They have absolutely no idea of how to administer the game at all, half assed attitude towards disciplinary issues, inconsistent approach to disciplinary proceedings, constantly contradicting themselves - Craig Levein "Stephen Fletcher won't play for Scotland while I'm the manager" - yeah 5 weeks later, he's included in the squad!
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    you were never a fan if you give up on your team. those are called "frontrunners" and you're the same kind of person who likes justin bieber

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    I'm having my loyalties tested with Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos. I don't like Payton at all as to me he comes off as a jerk although I respect his quarterbacking skills. Decisions Decisions.......

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    I've been a Detroit Pistons fan my entire life but I am done with this hodgepodge roster until either Joe Dumars or Tayshaun Prince is gone. They aren't fun to watch at all. They have half a dozen actual rotation players that don't have a definable position or anything they really excel at. Its just a horrible team. I am about to be done with the Lions if the front office can't find a way to get player discipline in line on and off the field. Sick of watching the Lions neuter themselves every week thanks to their own incompetence.

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