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    Need help at Stone guard normal (Amethyst + Jasper + Cobalt)

    Hello guys, my guild has already downed Stone guards on 10 man normal (current progress 2/6N) but yesterday we were having issues with this combo of dogs.

    The main issue is that the place gets full of shit and there is no room to move properly specially with chains.

    How do you handle this combo? Any advice?

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    We had it once, and yes, it was freaking hard one. Lack of Jade does not make any difference.

    You have to remember to clear Cobalt all the time. Do it in petryfication phases obviously, but it's not enough. Have a hunter or any class with Deterrance-like ability to step into traps and dispell the person immidiately. Hunter is a great example, since he has a short-CD root release as well.

    Jaspers are the breaking point here-with room full of stuff there is nothing you can do. With our guild we break chains in petryfication phase only - and if you get a ""ranged+ranged" or "ranged+healer" combo just have them stick to each other the whole fight. It's very helpful, as combinations between melee and ranged are usually chaotic, and during wrong time they may cause a wipe. Having 3 pairs of people having no problem in sticking close is a way to go.

    Amethyst is a no-brainer. Stay away from fire. Get tanks to take bosses to the other side of the room if you can't avoid those, but remember that it adds an element of chaos to quite tanking-precise fight.

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    This is the way we did it. have your ranged and tanks start the fight all the way in the front. The tanks should tank near the walls and when they are running out of room they should begin to move the boss back slowly until they reach the end of the room and then do the same thing in the opposite direction. have your ranged only stay on the middle carpet so they dont block the path of the tanks with traps and purple stuff. also the frost traps wont disapear unless they are triggered. so u will probably need a couple dps to trigger a few, so it makes room for the tank.

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    Thanks, we are trying some kite path today (or tanks path), we didn't really thought about ranged chains staying together that's a great advice, I'm the hunter of the group and is really annoying when i get chained to a melee.


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    Rogues are good cobalt mine clearers as well. They can pop cloak + sprint and get rid of a group of them. The cloak immunes the damage and prevents the snare. Also, they can spec into Preparation and be able to do it more often. However, if your rogue gets chained to someone, it makes it a lot harder to clear things. In addition to cloak, they can feint, step into one, and take half the damage. They will have to stay rooted or pop vanish to get out of the snare, though.

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    Paladins can bubble + speed of light during any petrification phase to pop cobalts, and should be. Paladins can also freedom + speed of light during cobalt petrification to do the same exact thing.

    Disperse from a spriest and deterrence also work wonders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okacz View Post
    Okacz basically summed it up. Just want to emphasize you need people with personal CD's (like SP or hunters) to pop mines during non Cobalt petrification phases or you will get overwhelmed by them.

    As a tank I also blow up mines during Cobalt petrification or if I'm running a CD but they don't seem to hurt us too bad outside of maybe rooting you at an annoying time. At least for me tank damage is very manageable even with two dogs.

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