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    make exo a decent dps skill with lower cd and same amount of dmg but give a chance to have a proc of hammer of wrath instead of reseting the cd,i think this with either the extra crit on how or a littble more dmg will make us great.
    Make a glyph that changed inquisition to 1 min buff but it will require 4 hp or even 5.
    make the malevont gloves bonus same as dreadfull.
    thinks that can esaily be done and are far from op i think

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    250k crit REGULARLY? I'm in 468 gear currently, I barely crit for 50k REGULARLY. I have to pop GoAK + AV + Mogu potion to hit 250k crit, and it'll probably only crit once (twice if I'm lucky) during that time. Pls don't over-exaggerate.

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    He said that HoW critt 250k regularly. And I dont know about you but atleast I have to pop AW to even use HoW so even if it is every 3min its still regularly for HoW.

    And you cant really compare ilvl468gear with ilvl 490+ gear that some have.

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    I feel like Retribution dps atm is amazing. Sorry lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helai View Post
    Retribution DPS at the moment seriously sucks.
    sry but didnt notice and playing one. be happy that finally we are balanced at the start and nerf hammer is falling on the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminal Lance View Post
    250k crit REGULARLY? I'm in 468 gear currently, I barely crit for 50k REGULARLY. I have to pop GoAK + AV + Mogu potion to hit 250k crit, and it'll probably only crit once (twice if I'm lucky) during that time. Pls don't over-exaggerate.
    I'm going to have to agree. I see HoW crits of over 200k on Elegon with the damage buff while using both Guardian and AoW and a pot, so I highly doubt you can get those regularly. I think Ret single target dps is okay at the moment, it could be better though and getting an execute that earns it's name would be a good start. It's sad that my 86 Fury Warrior is seeing execute crits larger than the Templar's Verdict crits on my lvl 90, 478 geared Ret Paladin.

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    I think Paladins should use energy

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    IMO i would like to see the exo glyph reworked to something like this.

    Glyph of Mass Exorcism

    Your Exorcism spell now causes the target to radiate 50% of Exorcism's damage to all targets within 10 yards. The damage these targets take cannot be critical hits.
    Would make it a nice aoe while not making it too ridiculous. That or give us something to reduce the CD on Light's Hammer to make it more useful or a glyph to make it hit harder but do reduced healing or no healing at all.

    Single target I would love to see our damage be smoother and not most of it based off cooldowns, be they procs or controlled. if DP doesn't like to proc our damage suffers quite a bit. Then again when it procs multiple times we get a nice burst. It's too rng.
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    I tried it out with cooldowns GoAK + AW + HA + Mogu pot I did 235k Hammer of Wrath + 70k Hand of Light on the DUMMY. So being in a raid with 5% critt and 10% AP and master/stats would prolly give me the same critts that I get with mogu pot on the dummy.

    And as I said, im only in 482ilvl gear and blue weapon. While som retris sit with over 490ilvl and normal-heroic starshatter. I actually think that some can critt up to 250-260k HoW + 80-90k HoL. Hell, I wouldnt even be suprised with a 275k + 100k HoW. And I know that I get ~400k HoW on Elegons last phase so 500k+ with gear should be normla there.

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    Oh I don't doubt 400+k HoW crits w/ full raid buffs + fight mechanics, I just don't like how he said 'regularly', lol. I'd love to get those kind of numbers on e.g. dailies, heroics, etc. That's what he sounded like he was implying.

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    Directly from PTR instead the 1hp WOg... (u got 5? It doesn't matter)
    so u can now use 1 gcd for a 15-20k heal... (assuming u have no mortal strikelike effects on urself..)
    Amazing... so strong u can even remove it from the hoykeys...
    I hope it's something "not working as intended"... but u never knows...

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    Here's a few changes that Ret Paladins need for both raids and PvP. I'm well experienced in both and feel that these changes or similar are needed.

    #1 Something needs to be done about ramp up. Ret Paladins have too much ramp up compared to other classes, and the problem is Inquisition. Rather then needing holy power, it should use mana and lots of it. Unless a Ret Paladin casts a heal, mana isn't really used. It's not nearly as skill based as using Holy Power, but for PvP we still lose nearly half our health before acquiring 3 HP. I'd even go as far as changing that stupid Inquisition glyph to exchange the need for HP to use mana instead, while lowering our TV damage slightly to compensate.

    #2 Our AOE damage is horrible and so is Seal of Righteous. It's so bad that in 99% of AOE situations you're better off using Seal of Truth. It needs a buff, as well as Divine Storm.

    #3 Lower our Censure damage. For PvP reasons censure should be nerfed in favor of increasing Templar Verdict's damage. Single target raid dps isn't an issue, unless you're switching targets a lot. To help combat other classes burst dps, TV needs more damage and we need less dot damage.

    #4 Hand of Purity should be thrown in the trash. Reducing dot damage for 6 seconds isn't comparable to our other choices. Considering how much fear is thrown around in the game, I would change it to remove fear off players when Hand of Freedom is used. That would be a talent worth considering.

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    Agree our AE is quite pathetic, Censure doesn't need to be nerfed it's not exactly tipping the scales anyway. Hand of Purity on the other hand is way to valuable for certain fights no way I would want to lose it.
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    - Either remove or redesign Seal of Righteousness so that it's either mandatory to use on AoE (Instead of almost never, as most AoE packs don't go above 4-5 in Dungeons unless you mass pull).
    - Allow HotR to be used with no Target (We currently have no way to potentially unstealth Stealth/Invis, while before we had Divine Storm, Holy Wrath and Consecration to use when defending a flag in AB/EotS(RBG)/BfG).
    - Re-implementation of Auras as CDs, akin to Shaman Totems
    - Execution Sentence/Stay of Execution off the GCD (Purely so that it lines up with Gloves, rather than potentially missing 0.5s of the buff at the end)

    Pretty much all I want tbh, the last is purely a QoL change so you're not losing the buff just before the final stick lands and the rest Paladins should've had from the start of Mists.
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    I would like to see less ramp up time needed to get damage rolling. A lot of people suggested it already, but moving Inquisition to cost mana, or heck, 1 holy power for the 30 second duration would be nice. Actually...yeah. You could have a full inquisition going with 1 holy power. Hit Exo or Judgement before you are in melee range and you've already got Inq up and can get holy power ready to roll for the TVs. You'd still have to use holy power, but only 1 instead of 3, allowing you to still need to decide whether to refresh Inq or heal or whatnot, but not be so severely punished as you are now.

    That and I'd like to see Seal of Righteousness actually do some damage in AoE situations. You're better off using Seal of Truth most of the time. Maybe have it buffed to do more weapon damage...or have it be a passive where you can spread Seal of Truth dots on all targets within 8-15 yards of the original target. Have it only spread via Hammer of the Righteous and/or Exorcism...dunno. Just throwing ideas out there for it. Maybe that would help it a bit? Idunno about you but as of now it seems like too much work for not enough payoff when you see, say, an Elemental Shaman just spamming Chain Lightning/Lava Beam and doing so much more AoE.

    Having Hammer of the Righteous not need a target to use it would be nice to unstealth people in PvP since the removal of Consecrate kinda...took that away from rets.
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    i just need 1 thing

    something to face the insane fear when u face SP or LOCK

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    Various Things.

    1. Make hammer of wrath castable outside of execute range/avenging wrath but nerfing it's damage when done so.
    2. Change glyph of Inquisition to work like glyph of savage roar.
    3. Give rets consecration back (signature ability, and rets do need an aoe boost).
    4. Introduce a variant of inquisition that improves cleave damage by a significant amount, so there's another choice for holy power dump.

    and in all honesty I wished they lowered the cooldown on speed of light and reduced the speed duration by a decent amount.
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    This is the easiest question ever. Are you ready? Remove Holy Power, basically revert Ret to the end of Wrath. HP is aids, pure and simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minaa View Post
    i just need 1 thing

    something to face the insane fear when u face SP or LOCK
    at the moment , you can only do 1 thing : bubble heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminal Lance View Post
    250k crit REGULARLY? I'm in 468 gear currently, I barely crit for 50k REGULARLY. I have to pop GoAK + AV + Mogu potion to hit 250k crit, and it'll probably only crit once (twice if I'm lucky) during that time. Pls don't over-exaggerate.

    I'll give you a hint. When I'm throwing Hammers i usuallly have 30k-40k strength in procs.

    Also your warriors must be terrible with 20% critical damage banner chaining.
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