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    But-hurt much? Appears so!
    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post
    Youlll keep them a huge amount of time anyhow. The valor ilvl upgrade system will make sure of that.

    also 2 mins syncs just as fine as 1:30 who you kiddin.
    I can see my macro now.

    /Equipset 4pc t11 prot
    /cast goak
    /equipset 4pc t14
    /cast avenging wrath
    /equipset raidgear
    /use potion

    I sure am sick of the 4PC T11 prot but I know I sure as shit will not enjoy the T11+T14 prepull sets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Can you imagine if someone insulted you in a thread, you reported it, and I told you "sorry, wrong thread to be butthurt"?

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