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    Cleaving havoc : which spell (s) - ie. stoneguard

    Heya fellows 'lock,

    Was wondering how you manage Havoc on 2 two target fight, exemple Stoneguard.

    do you use Havoc to launch a chaos bolt or do you prefer to cast 3 incinerate ?

    Do you use havoc as soon as its up or do you wait for some procs ?

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    Depends on your Ember pool, using Chaosbolt with havoc always does more damage than triple incinerate, especially if you're using darksoul during procs as it scales better than incinerate does.

    I, however, will sometimes use triple incinerate if i'm low on embers, as I do like to fire more than one during Darksoul's duration.

    Also as the boss is nearing 20%, make sure to save 3 embers for Havoc/Shadowburn x3.
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