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    It's kind of screwy but I think the answer is Engi/BS for most classes and Engi/LW for those that don't benefit from the secondary stats BS may provide, like mine, and for those who actually benefit from LW, which is (some at least) of the physical dps classes. The reason for LW being better over BS for some classes is not because of the bracer enchant thing but because of drums of speed, which only about one in a million people even use. Doesn't really apply to you in this case, but still. In the end, if you aren't fully min/maxing it really doesn't matter which two you use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    Just about all crafting professions are relatively equal:
    - Blacksmiths can add sockets to two pieces of gear to put additional gems into
    - Engineers have the Synapse Springs (1 minute cooldown on-use that gives you a pretty big boost to your primary stat for like 15 seconds - kinda like a 3rd trinket)
    - Enchanters have access to ring enchants
    - Scribes have access to stronger shoulder enchants
    - Jewelcrafters have access to very strong, exclusive gems (up to 3 of them)
    - Leatherworkers have access to fur linings that are stronger than normal wrist enchants
    - Tailors have access to cloak embroideries which act like a 3rd trinket as well, except proc-based.
    - Alchemy gives boosts to flask and elixir duration and potency

    Just about all of these offer the exact same stats bonuses over an extended period of time, but I believe Engineering remains the strongest because you can time that 1 minute cooldown to stack it with a LOT of other things (for example, my Warrior has his Synapse Springs, Blood Bath and Dragon Roar, all of which have a 1 minute cooldown, macrod together)

    Gathering professions are a little iffy, though. The bonuses they offer (stam/crit/haste for mining/skinning/herbalism) generally aren't that great.
    You can only have 2 JC gems equipped now, not that it matters, the bonus is still the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiralphoenix View Post
    Because if you are a class that values secondary stats over primary (tanks, for instance) you only gain +320 secondary stats through JC gems. Blacksmiths gain +640.

    If you value primary over secondary, it's not really a concern. Until epic gems come out. If they don't buff JC gems, JC becomes the worst perk, blacksmithing becomes the best, and all the rest stay the same, in the middle of those two.

    So if you're choosing between one or the other now, and your main concern is flexibility in your perk (and no chance at being shafted come epic gems), pick BS.
    You gain +480 in secondary stat JC gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Last Starfighter View Post
    You gain +480 in secondary stat JC gems.
    Still the Bonus you get if you use an JC Gem in stead a normal one ist 160 * 2 so 320 secondarystats while the blacksmith can gain 640 by using two normale secondary stat gems, the blacksmith is getting the best bonus on sec stats at the moment, because jc gem are only 480 instead of 640 what i should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    No, I don't think so. Engi's just strong in PvP because of the utility more than anything.
    I think he ment glove use 1920 mainstat for 10sec... But can't be used with on use PVP trinkets so it is not as good burst anymore.

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    Engineering is above. Due to the abillity to stack the buff with other CDs. (Hero/BL etc) And other scaling CDs like haste% etc. Atleast for agillity users the LW gives you abit extra agillity than the other professions. So as a hunter im going Eng/LW

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    Quote Originally Posted by herpecin View Post
    all profs are about equal now, though if you say dont favor crit skinning wont be as good for you. any fight where you have less then 100% DPS time on a boss engi gets better, the glove enchant is balanced around being used on CD.

    Sadly, no. The gathering professions as well as engineering are behind. While the heal/haste thing from herb does provide a dps increase its just not competitive to raw stat.

    As mentionned above, most craft skills give roughly the same. Only Blacksmithing and JC allow for more versatility. As it stands, a few classes/specs favor yellow gems over red because of the double stat per gem - only to those classes are either BS or JC sightly better than alch/scribe/lw/ench. Tailoring, last I looked also averages out sightly more stats than passive 320.

    The best bet is generally just to do BS or JC as you will retain that versatility over raid tiers, patches etc and thus if at some point your class gems full crit instead of full int then you have that option availible. The gain is still fairly marginal.

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    Now how do you figure engineering is behind like gathering? Do explain please.
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