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    back to posting on official forums again :/

    Now that xelnath is gone I dread the nerfs that will follow, though now that we won't have any idea of what's going to happen the only way to actually try to post anything will be on the official forums again , which means all the bugs / ideas/ fixes and so about the class will rarely be looked upon with all the other garbage that goes on the official forums :/

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    Hurry up and make more threads instead of keeping it all in the one he made. You can do it.

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    not even, posting in the official forum will follow to some stuff like:

    1.getting ignore

    2. GC telling us everything is going to be ok for us

    3. getting our cata lock all over again

    and just a lil thing, cataclyms spell is going to remain useless for the rest of the expa w/o xel there to fix it dear lord my fun days on my lock just ended today

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    Please keep this in the main thread. Thanks =]

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