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    I'm pretty sure Blizzard said the same thing. One of the first rules of every company is, though not said in the same way, don't talk shit about your company, and he fessed up to, talking shit about Blizzard in his first sentence.

    "Yesterday, I said some very disrespectful and selfish things about the class design team at Blizzard"

    I see no reason to get mad, he's accepted his fate, knew what he did wrong, and oh well. Not like the game will get any worse, or better.

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    Behind you, what I'm not? Then who's this person I'm behind?
    Anyone have a link or description of his original post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetstream View Post
    From what he said in his own thread, he got fired for shooting his mouth off. Sounds like what might have happened at pretty much any place of business in existence. Insubordination is a thing y'know.
    Based on what we've heard, this sounds like what happened.
    As unfortunate as it might be, you can't run a team effectively if you have people crossing the line and disrupting things for the rest of your employees. Regardless of his talents as a developer, you can't justify keeping someone on if they're being overly disruptive like that.

    Can't we just agree that what's happened is unfortunate, and leave it at that? The playerbase at large literally has no information on what exactly happened, and, knowing as little as we do, making threads calling it "unacceptable" and speaking out on the Blizzard forums to express anything other than personal sentiment just seems like pointless drama-bait to me. You can't make a case for anything based on wild speculation.

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    If I made a game and someone said it sucks I can tell that guy to go fuck himself. Different than raging at a meeting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelle View Post
    Well no-one really knows why he got fired... what he said isn't necessarily the whole truth, or very accurate. he is hardly likely to admit it if he was a bit dickish is he
    I'm pretty honest with my mistakes. I can be rather dickish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marximos View Post
    Few things I don't understand really..

    As a start.. why the hell some dudes here are going all out on him being bad and painting his action like they caused Cataclysm.. the Xpac that is.. to suck.. it makes no sense!!

    Another thing, losing your cool for a moment don't warrant insta termination, it ain't slavery, its mutual interest in the work that drives everyone, If the employee has an excellent performance, having one of these moments is not the end of the world.. for all we know he was under some intense pressure.. cut him some slack damn it.

    Also, the effort he put into making the warlock class is insane.. everyday.. every single day... Xelnath posted on these very forums asking for feedback, and looking to better the class as best he could..

    I don't know.. I just don't find this fair.. nor just.. it doesn't even make sense damn it!
    You have no idea how many times he has behaved like that. You have no idea how he treated co-workers. You have no idea if he was any good at his job. Just because he posted here and asked for feedback does not mean it was official Blizzard policy or if he had been warned about it. You do not know he was good at his job, just because someone says things you like here does not mean he was good at his job. Someone has said he was swearing - I know many younger people use swear words frequently but most places I worked (IT industry) you would get dismissed for talking like that. The real world, even in Blizzard, is not a joke, filled with boys with big ideas and bad language. If he behaved badly he got what he deserved and maybe it is a lesson for all of you not yet in work, being good at your job (if you are) is not enough for an employer. If it is true and he was sacked for gross misconduct, and slagging off co-workers,

    Blizzard did what it needed to do for the company and the cries of fanboys will not change it. In fact, you probably helped cause this. Your whimpers of love and adoration possibly helped him think he was more important than Blizzard and that is why he went ott and behaved so badly he was sacked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redriot View Post
    Yet Jay Wilson never lost his job for saying "Fuck that loser". Hmmmmmm.

    got 'em

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    I think we should keep the convo here:

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