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    I'm Currently 2100 at 3v3 doing a Beast Cleave, and the real dificult playing enhance until now is being bursted (you know by who). I'm lucky to have a personal holy pally to save me.

    And the only comp kind hard until now, is shatter play (with holy pallys)... t0o0o0o much CC.

    I know at least their mage, is a 2400 players that I was against in a lot of matches with hit cleave...

    I can say mt spec is good, and until now i really believe i'll get a high rating soon...


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    Oh... I forgot to say... No sign of a elemental shaman...

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    There are no "Shamans" in arena.

    There are how ever. Restoration Shamans, Elemental Shamans, and Enhancement Shamans.

    I feel Restoration shamans are in a very good spot at the moment.

    Elemental shamans preform well in rbgs and situations where they're not getting tunneled.

    Enhancement shamans are kind of blah. Haven't seen them much, but when i do they're either really good. Or absolutely garbage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinsoul View Post
    Edit: @ liveinfamously - just wondered what comp you are playing Ele in
    Ret / Ele / Healer - had a resto druid and we went 13-1 before the ret had to leave. Disbanded the team after. I was shocked tbh... haha.

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    Shaman look to be in best place ever. Elemental will always be challenging to master in pvp. It is arguably the most difficult spec to play well because there is such a small margin for error. Enhance and resto are beastly.

    I think most classes are at a great point. Blizz pretty much handed out goodies left and right. A little too good in a few cases. Like giving access to previously restricted top tier talents to every spec. That boggles the mind.
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    no shammie in arena??

    Check the statistics, don't just give anecdotal evidence please:
    go to

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    Elemental is far from bad. Resto and enhance are both viable, I've faced all three specs at 2400+ (which isn't very high obviously but for this early in the season it's way above most people) and they didn't look carried/weren't necessarily playing overpowered comps.

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    With excluding elemental shamans, I believe they are balanced. It is just the overpowered are making them seem underpowered.
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    Resto Shaman are the top PVP healers still with Druids being close second. While you may see more Paladins represented wait until the Disc buffs come in and the hunter/warrior nerfs come out. Holy Paladins I think will lose their effectiveness when they don't have warrior/hunter partners. And Resto Shaman are going to become by far the best again when Disc is played more simply because of tremor totem.

    I think Ele/Enhance are subpar and usually always are. Sad to say. But I would say they're in a better spot than Rogues and WW Monks for sure. Dunno if I'd say they're better or worse than Ret though. But yeah if you wanna see bad in arenas check out WW Monks. I don't know what Blizz was thinking. I guess they didn't want to see a repeat of DKs so they decided to be conservative with the class and so it ended up being terrible. The DPS spec at least.

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    Resto shamans are still my favorite healer and amazing right now.
    Enhance seems to be limited in the comps they can run but either way they're preferred focus target for those teams regardless and low survivability =
    Ele burst is decent but outside of that they flop over unless played by an extremely skilled individual. Even then...

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    when you don't compare them to war/hunter/mage/spriest for the appropriate roll comparison the dps specs are really good, enhance is best its ever been, elemental could use a few tweaks but nothing major. Resto shaman are still top notch healer, druids beat them out in arena due cyclone and better escapability, for rbgs only mistweavers can aoe heal better.

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    I love threads like this because you walk away more confused than when you started. Everyone has a different opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormspellz View Post
    enhance is best its ever been
    That blows my mind. Better than they were in vanilla? Really confused now haha.

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    Enhancement is doing great. Especially with warr-enhan-healer. Resto seems fine as always. Ele... not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grummgug View Post
    I love threads like this because you walk away more confused than when you started. Everyone has a different opinion.

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    That blows my mind. Better than they were in vanilla? Really confused now haha.
    doubtful.. oh the days of 2h weapons and triple windfury procs....
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    Some people expect every single spec to be viable in arenas when it would be impossible to balance... shamans are fine.

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    Has ele ever been on par in arena?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liveinfamously View Post
    You must not have played against any good ones.. although, I'd agree on the Ele standpoint. Feral counters Ele pretty hard.
    I've played vs a couple of good ones, mainly resto but elemental is so weak vs feral 1v1. All 3 specs simply can't live through my burst even counting resto, then again, not many classes can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nayko View Post
    Has ele ever been on par in arena?
    lol are you kidding me? S8 was destroyed by elemental shamans.

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