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    I was trying to illustrate the state of this expansion from a more casual point of view, so the alternatives to gear from repwith factions are what, heroic blues?ok you can get full gear in no time, raid finder? yea 70% of the time you get that awesome bag with 28g in it and if you want a chance for more loot drop in a gold coin( but you have to do dailies again for that).

    So my alternatives are either conquest points pvp gear or raiding with a guild; first part can be done easy, second part.... I decided I'm not going to go thru the 2-4 raiding days with 4-5 hours of raiding and having to listen some random people over some voice chat program.
    I want to login the game and have fun with 1-2 friends also having the feeling of progression gear wise ,I prefered that rep via tabard grind, I'd rather do a few heroics a day when i get back from work, get some rep also and some achievements towards the mount.
    That is your choice of playstyle and that is fine. Blizz made the new system so people don't get raid geared in 2 weeks without having to raid at all. If you enjoy dailies, then do them. If you don't like dailies, you don't have to do them. And to raid, you do not need full heroic gear, then full LFR gear. You only need a couple of heroic pieces, some crafted if you want, we just had Brewfest for ilvl 370 trinkets, HH is out now for rings, and then maybe 1 or 2 crafted pieces to get you able to LFR. Casual folks do NOT need to do any dailies for anything (unless they really want a mount or something).

    You also do NOT need to raid endless hours with a guild every week.

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    I love MoP atm, there is alot to do all the time, i struggle with doing it all Altho im starting to grow tierd of the dailys, but they are okey!
    The raid is fine, some fights are "fun", but its easy fights. By easy i mean it took 3 days for guilds to kill all bosses heroic, and that is silly But they are okey.
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    Haven't raided yet, just got accepted to a guild which I am going to raid with. Besides that I like MoP very much. Biggest plus for me is that I don't have to spam heroics to get rep/valor. I did heroics till I got all the gear I wanted which was done pretty fast (got lucky I guess?) and now I just get valor capped with dailies. I hated doing every heroic like 50 times. I hope it stays like this or we get new heroics every tier.
    I like the valor/rep system. You can get the rep and valor gear to fill up slots you didn't get upgrades for yet through raiding so they are not required to raid but still are meaningfull to get (unlike wotlk/cata).

    The zones are nice. I liked questing with all the cinematics and the end quests of every zone is pretty epic in my opinion. I like the world bosses (Haven't seen Galleon yet but I don't really care). They are very easy though but it's better than VoA etc I think. The lootsystem is also a big improvement.

    And this comes from someone who disliked wotlk and cata and who was very sceptic about MoP. I still have to see how this expansion is going to develope and how raiding is though. Happy friends send me scrolls of resurrection :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosely View Post
    you need to do daily quests to grind out faction reps, or gear up through PvP. I decided to do neither, and now my gear is pretty much gated til I can get carried through raids. It doesn't feel good to be unable to carry your own weight, but the alternative is to do content that isn't fun. Why anyone would voluntarily do daily quests is beyond me.
    I'm in almost the same situation.

    Except I could still farm hc's for gear, but why bother?

    Without dailies I won't be able to spend valor, and since I won't have charms of fortune, raidbosses will drop less loot for me anyway.

    In short: If you don't mind dailies, MoP is probably fun. If you hate dailies and refuse to do them, you're screwed.

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    The less important stuff like zones, daileys etc are okey if not better.
    What really matter are raid design and PvP balance and both are premature to comment yet so I will hold my verdict for 1,5 more months.

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    Yes, I am.

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    Alot of fun up until you have to start grinding the dailies. Those dailies are soul crushing.

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    Love it, couldnt rate higher
    And Already The World Looks A Little Less Bright.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choice View Post
    If I'm honest....not particularly.

    Too elaborate, the raid content from Mogu'shan vaults is probably the best of the tier. But in typical Blizzard fashion they've made it a stepping stone tier. So by the time guilds have cleared HoF/Terrace HM there will be no reason to run MSV since the loot in inferior by a decent margin. As far as development time goes it's just been wasted as a filler raid for a few weeks. Which is tragic.

    The daily wall is a transparently cynical way of gating progression, people complain that hitting the soft cap of a character isn't long enough (to do LFR a few times, heroics etc) so they just gate *everything* behind weeks worth of dailies.

    When the mount meta achievement is gated behind dailies, it's sort of gotten out of hand.
    For someone that played on beta,the bosses from HoF and ToES are way better than MSV

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