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    Spell Lock + GoSac need some news

    first of all sorry for my english.

    Like some warlock i discovered that when we use spell lock when we have the talent Grimoire of Sacrafice, that will just silence during 3 sec while it should be counter silence during 6 sec. The counter silence works only on chanelling spell like malefic grasp.
    I read all the future patch on mmo-champion and i didnt find any information about this bug.
    Someone has some informations, or maybe blizzard doesnt want to fix this? We don't know if it's really a bug or if it's intented.

    Thank you for reading

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    iirc Xelnath said he was going to look at that in another thread, but I don't know if he had the time to do it.

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    He said that it is fixed in 5.1
    Magnificence personified

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    didn't you know? now that Xelnath is gone, there will not be no changes to warlocks ever again

    He certainly said it was fixed for 5.1 but it's a little hard to guess when he said something is fixed whether he meant he had just finished the code for fixing it, or he had written the problem down on the official 'list of things to be fixed for warlocks' which i assume is kept on some whiteboard somewhere.

    a few of his little fixes came so fast it was hard to tell if he fixed it on the fly immediately after seeing the post, had already fixed it days before, or was just letting us know that he would definitely get around maybe sometime eventually fixing it before 5.1.

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    from a dev pov : fixes are implemented in a SVN tree aka immediately

    then validated (or not) among the branch then incorporated in the update globally, which is the reason of things coming in game some time after the announce

    or its because its datamined from a already avail. patch

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